We Steal Elections, don’t we?: A brief history of the right wing assault on democracy

In  2010 the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case  that corporations are people and money is speech, opening the flood gates for corporations and plutocrats to spend unlimited amounts  of outside money to  influence elections and threaten politicians. An immediate result  was millionaire Art Pope spending millions to engineer the Republican  take over […]

How to stop the billionaire bandits holding the US hostage

  It is clear that the so called “business and financial elites” have a stranglehold on our economy, government and political system, if not our minds.  The current shutdown of the government can be traced back to lobbying groups such as the US Chamber of Commerce and the billionaires who fund the Tea Party through […]

Plutocracy and the millionaire banker who bought himself a seat in Congress

  In 2012 John Delaney (D) got elected to fill the new Maryland 6th district US Congressional seat which was created as a result of gerrymandering by Democrats in Maryland.  The newly created district was carved out of Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ 4th district seat, a progressive Democrat who did not toe the line set by […]

The Lumina Foundation again: prioritizing academic misery

As I have written and commented on for more than a year, The Lumina Foundation has been selected for some time as the wrecking ball against the public commons, especially in terms of higher ed. Lumina is the kitechn cabinet of the Department of Education under Obama and the new Race to the Top for […]

Five-year-olds could face national tests in England under liberal democrats

Race to the Top is not a national problem or a national opportunity.  It is a world plan by developing nations and the plutocrats and functionaries to turn the whole squalid mess that is called ‘schooling under capitalism’ over to testing regimes.   ‘Testing Ministers’ will be next. All of this is clothed as helping ‘disadvantaged […]

Ralph Lauren, Lauryn Hill and Lanny Breuer; The miseducation of the Department of Justice

Picture of George W. Bush’s niece, Lauren Bush, who was married to fashion icon Ralph Lauren’s son, David, back in August of 2011  at the Ralph Lauren Ranch  RALPH LAUREN The Ralph Lauren Company recently admitted to criminally violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, related to a subsidiary bribing customs officials in Argentina over a five year period. […]