Prolonged detention: Obama explains FEMA Camps and Preventive incarceration

Obama calls for preventative detention and  for building a legal system for this from scratch.  “Prolonged detention” is necessary, according to Obama, to fight ‘terrorism’. See the Youtube at:

MY COLLEGE DREAM – From a peasant, a soldier and a worker to a professor

Yes, education is being reduced to entertainment as the educational industry saddles up for the disembowlment of thinking.  The merger of entertainment and education will assure that the mafia corporations have serfs a plenty to call on for their barbaric Donner party. They call it online learning but of course it is not learning it […]

Thrive Movie: new documentary exposes criminal New World Order of the psychopathic 1%, solutions

source: Carl Herman (with movie embedded) The Thrive Movement and Movie explains and documents the CRIMES we witness that engage in wars and crushing control over the 99%. It also provides solutions. This history has dominated US policy since Abraham Lincoln’s failed effort to expose the US violation of crystal-clear treaty with Mexico in order to steal nearly half their land in 1846. […]

G20 Protest Coverage

Check out Republic Media’s coverage of the G20 protests in Pittsburgh. If you want to know why “law” enforcement and the government can get away with beating and shooting peaceful protestors who are simply trying to exercise their 1st Amendment rights to assemble and speak out against the G20, see Why Does the Government Ignore […]