Saul Landau Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) want war with Iran and refuse to learn lessons from the futile wars this country has perpetrated since US troops landed in Korea in 1950. They begin with “facts not in evidence,” as lawyers say. “The prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to […]

Gingrich’s Strategy: Racism

In an excerpt from Take this Hammer (1963), James Baldwin speaks pointedly and thoughtfully about “Who is the Nigger?” In this explication of the racial slur now rendered taboo, Baldwin explains: “What you say about somebody else, anybody else, reveals you.” His examination asks his listeners to turn the racism and demonizing of people positioned […]

Newt Gingrich proposes child labor for US: 13 Year-Olds Working 16 Hours A Day For 70 Cents An Hour in China

Newt Gingrich has recently been lauded by some and under attack by others for his comments regarding child labor.  Newt, you might remember, proposed that children should be janitors in their schools so they might learn personal responsibility and the value of a ‘job’. This of course is familiar bantering among the financial elites and […]


By Saul Landau The world’s people face transcendent issues: climate change (tornadoes, tsunamis,droughts, hurricanes), seemingly endless wars in Asia and Africa, mass uprisings,growing world hunger – and the ever present nuclear (weapons and power) threat. Given those overwhelming issues one would expect leaders to arise, wise and far-sightedmen and women who would articulate and then […]

If I hear that one more time I’ll scream.

A guy I do not often read, at the N Y Times, wrote an op-ed piece, The Unready Republicans, about the lack of a Republican plan, despite their claim of wanting to get the reins back for the last four years.  The fact is that they don’t have anything new to offer.  All they have […]

Public Education Under Attack By Bay Area Media

Today, The Oakland Tribune lead with a cover story Eating away at education: Math doesn’t add up when teacher salaries and budget cuts collide (reprinted by San Jose Mercury News), in which the reporter parrots the neo-conservative think tank The American Enterprise Institute’s party line, that schools are being run inefficiently, and teachers paid too much.  […]

Senate Bill 6 out of Florida: Euthansia for education

The hope we see is in students themselves as they step up to the forefront to fight for the vision of Dubois, not the criminality and shilling of Sharpton and Booker T. Washington politics of containment of surrender. Many stalwart organizers like Detroit students, DC students, and others see the prevarication and the low-expectation message of Race to the Top inscription on the tomb stones of their futures.

On the same page and a different page at the same time

I hate being right about the wrong things.  My history with Daily Censored only goes back to last October.  I have been screaming about how our foreclosure mess is ruining our economic comeback since 2007.  Finally the N Y Times is on the same page with its Editorial and its Op-Ed piece at the same […]

Duncan Donuts with Arne! Gingrich, Sharpton and Duncan Do Education

Duncan Donuts with Arne! Gingrich, Sharpton and Duncan Do Education Well put on a sundress and sing me a show song!  Newt Gingrich, his pal the Reverend Al Sharpton and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are teaming up to push for the ‘reformation American education’. The ménage de trois will saddle up and begin a […]