Have yourself a ‘data-driven’ Christmas: All Children Left Behind (ACLB) and ‘Waiting for super-elves’

As we approach the holidays it is worthwhile to note that No Child Left behind is being applied to Santa’s elves.  Yes, Santa’s elves.  Blaming incompetent elves for world poverty and and not being able to compete with Chinese elves, is part of the movie — ‘Waiting For Super-elves” and of course part of the rhetoric […]

Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop it! The Bubble

In 1958, The Blob – a gelatinous B-movie creature from outer space  – crash landed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania consuming whatever poor screaming extra happened to be directed into its path. “Devoid of personality and intelligence,” The Blob expanded relentlessly in Cold War America, moving from the screen to the our “popular consciousness,” becoming something of […]

How Can We Tell In What Direction We Are Headed, If We Don’t Know Where We Have Been?

We have all been there at one time or another.  You are watching a TV show, sitting in your favorite chair.  Maybe it was not as exciting as it promised to be.  Inevitably, however, you fall asleep.  Eventually you wake up and an entirely different show is displayed as you attempt to reorient yourself.  As […]

Take Big Business Out of Education

I’m not waiting for Superman. Waiting for Superman, Davis Guggenheim’s new educational film is presently receiving a media blitz. Is big business behind its success?

Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood

Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood “There’s nothing that the Black man could use to earn Burn Hollywood Burn” – Chuck D, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane By Solomon (Academy Awards) season has come and gone and so, too, with it another year of Hollywood subsidized racist imagery. Hollywood, like many American mainstream institutions, has the […]

Change, Be Careful What You Wish For…

Change is coming, it is in the papers daily.  Yesterday I saw an ad that took up an entire page.  It showed two pictures of the Himalayas.  One was taken at the turn of the twentieth century and the other was fairly recent.  It showed how almost all the ice is gone.  That ice supplies […]

Crossing the Line

I am getting close to crossing the line, I think.  Yesterday I saw a fellow in his mid 60’s who was wearing a startlingly red polo shirt with “Deloitte & Touche” embroidered on it.  I asked if his shirt came with a bonus?  As he got into his brand new, candy apple red Corvette convertible, […]

Foreign Contributions and the Supreme’s Overdue Decision on Campaign Funding

Michael Collins The Supreme Court of the United States will soon announce a major decision on our lightly controlled system of campaign funding.  Will it retain some limitations on corporate influence or will the court blow the lid off and cause a perpetual flood of unrestricted corporate contributions? An additional outcome may surprise and shock […]