College Board bars AP Government from teaching US Constitution and US wars

I have been removed from the Advanced Placement (AP) Government listserve for documenting US Constitution promises compared with these recent US ‘laws’ and actions: assassination of Americans upon the non-reviewable dictate of the president, control-drown/waterboarding anyone dictated as a “terrorist” despite all US and international case law finding this to be torture, NDAA 2012 and 2006 Military Commissions Act that […]

AG Holder degrades US as fascist ‘Assassination Nation;’ 99% response…?

Attorney General Eric Holder, the top “legal” voice of the US regime, argued to Northwestern University law students that the US Constitution is no limit to the regime dictatorially assassinating Americans. This follows regime arguments to seize and “disappear” any person in opposition to regime dictates as “terrorist supporters,” and extracting their confessions with controlled […]

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death: 2012 NDAA is "law"

video at source. The following “artistic liberty” is from Patrick Henry’s 1775 speech  after ten years of his government’s violations of  constitutional rights. The speech followed the first government attempts to use a standing army to disarm Americans. A standing army was in explicit violation of the English Bill of Rights. NDAA 2012 (National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012) […]

NDAA 2012 torture of American citizens, or arrest the 1%’s criminals: your choice

source: Carl Herman I appreciate my colleagues at Activist Post posting my friend Billy Vegas’ PuppetGov video, Obama and the War Criminals. The video powerfully shows damning testimony of US government “leadership” admitting they can torture any person they dictate as a “terrorist.” Art and academic/professional documentation synergize for the 99% to declare the “emperor […]

Obama’s Sneaky Repackaging of Bush Era Policies of Torture And War

Larry Jones writes on the ‘World Can’t Wait’ website that President Obama is only making cosmetic changes and is repackaging Bush’s Program of Torture and War to make them more palatable to gullible Americans. Conservatives have also been quick to point out Obama’s clever tricks. The New York Times published an op-ed saying that there […]

One Million Ways to Die- Or The Only Thing We Have to Fear is More Fear

I say the same thing to my classes every semester.  Facts matter.  All of them.  In our purportedly free society (some restrictions apply- see the USA PATRIOT Act and Military Commissions Act for details) we should think our way to reasoned conclusions, not be cowed and manipulated by emotional pablum that spews from the corporate […]