No News Is Good News, Right?

Were you as surprised as I to hear of that RN in Spain? On national media, it was as if only the US and West Africa existed, without a thought given to how the disease could spread elsewhere. I will have to think about that later. At least, in Europe, they have Universal health care. […]


The current for profit health insurance industry is a drain on the economy which is contributing to unemployment, and the nation can longer afford to tolerate this. The current for profit health insurance industry is constraining the economy in three ways. First, excessive premiums make the cost of doing business for American companies unreasonably high […]

GOP Death Panel and the Coming Holocaust

The Republicans were right about the fact that there would be death panels.  What they did not say was that they would be on them.  The first thing they want to cut is reimbursements to doctors and hospitals for treating poor people.  They are sentencing poor people to death. Republican Study Group Issues Proposed Budget […]

Yes, "There Will Be Blood."

We have arrived.  Recently, I wrote about Mt Clemens, Michigan that is going bankrupt.  That city only has 17,000 people, but the problem is that Mt Clemens is but one of many.  Because of the total obstructionist attitude of the Tea Party/Republican/Blue Dog Democrats, however, the Federal Government is about to join that list.  Rather […]