Washington Post Reporter Allows College Officials to Alter Story on Controversial Test

When one thinks about the Washington Post these days they hardly think about Watergate and the Post’s alleged ‘glorious’ role in this poorly reported saga.  No, now one thinks of dictatorial control by the son of the Graham family, Donald Graham, alleged insider trading, millions spent on lobbying to thwart sensible regulations to control the […]

Sean Hannity wins Media Matters "Misinformer of the year"

And the award goes to….Fox News pundit and wing-nut Sean Hannity. What a year for Hannity; I thought he really showed his true colors during his “special report” when he used Anti-semit radical Andy Martin as a credible source. But that was just a snack compared to his main course of nightly lies and distortion […]

Welcome to the Twilight Zone Where an Increase is a Cut?!?

To see an example of how our “news” media has taken action to keep the public in the dark, see Welcome to the Twilight Zone Where an Increase is a Cut?!?  and learn how the “news” media cartel took action to help get rid of public access TV in the Tampa Bay area.  Also, don’t miss […]