Help put Keith Olbermann back on the airwaves!

As many readers might know, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has been suspended from appearing on MSNBC by the corporate owners of the station –  The General Electric Corporation. You can read more about Olbermann’s ‘suspension’ at  I received the following today, November 7th, 2010.  Please sign the petition to put Keith back on the […]

I AINT IN IT: The Rhetoric of Domination

Language is important in conveying the ideas and attitudes that shape our worldviews and influence our perspectives. And the specificity of the words we use as language is critical to conveying certain ideas influencing those attitudes. With this understanding, I must take issue with the language of the public dialogue that writes me (and you) […]

Deadline: Detroit, Michigan – Sit in at Governor Jennifer Granholm’s office tomorrow at 10:30 AM! BAMN fights for public education

Sit-in at Michigan Governor Jenniffer Granholm’s Office on May 12th!  Walk-out by Detroit high school students on May 18th Readers of Daily Censored know that they can get the most up to date news on the fight against the privatization of education at this site.  No where more than Detroit can one see the actual […]

Health Care Reform: The Ideal vs. the Real—Do We Reject?

Health Care Reform: The Ideal vs. the Real—Do We Reject? By Will Shonbrun Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the Act Falls the Shadow -T.S. Elliot A hot topic of debate among progressives regarding health care reform is whether the current Senate bill is worth keeping or should be jettisoned and […]

Newshounds Reports:O’Reilly Should Apologize to Rape Survivors; Gets Worst Person for Four Straight Nights.

Co-Authored by Priscilla + Alex Keith Olbermann made it four in a row for Billo last night (3/5/09) on Countdown as he awarded Worst Person silver to the Bloviator for his intention to address the rape survivors support group It Happened to Alexa on March 19th. However, as predicted, the Foundation itself is starting to […]