The Truth Beneath the Downing of Flight MH 17

            The one year anniversary of the downing of MH17 arrived today, July 17th, accompanied by reinforcing social media “evidence” that Putin did it. Make no mistake about it, irrefutable evidence culled from Twitter texts about Putin’s culpability has as much credibility as Tweets about the drug use, paranoia, and anorexia of movie star Brittany Murphy who […]

Karl Rove Agrees to Testify

After many snubs of past calls to testify before the House Judiciary Committee Karl Rove may finally face the music. HuffPost: A deal has been reached whereby Karl Rove will finally testify, under oath, before the House Judiciary Committee, according to chairman John Conyers’ office. Rove has long avoided and ignored subpoenas in the past […]

Karl Rove Subpoenaed…again

Will it work this time? Rep. John Conyers seems to be serious, but don’t hold your breath. Karl Rove’s defiance and disregard for the judicial system has kept him in the clear so far.  Unfortunately it’s just another lasting embarrassment for the rest us. Huffington Reports: On Monday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) […]