The "London Whale" escapes harpooning

The Wall Street Journal reports former JPMorgan Chase employee Bruno Iksil will not be prosecuted by the Justice Department under Eric Holder. Surprised? In an article posted on the selective prosecution of Bradley Manning ( can add arch criminal Bruno Iksil to the list with the Isaias brother banksters out of Ecuador ( Too big to […]

Bradley Manning: America’s #1 political prisoner and the ‘rule of hypocrisy’

Selective prosecution Much has been written about the unfair charges and actions taken by the government of the US against political prisoner, Bradley Manning.  However what often goes unnoticed is the leaking of information by the US government when it is convenient for them and the failure to prosecute the one percent. Bradley Manning was […]

Stop financial terrorism: The Good the bad and the ugly

The Max Keiser report, which one can see on RT Television weekly, has brought quite a bit of viewers to the world of economic analysis and discussion.  In a recent twist, RGB Anarchy has made a spaghetti western of sorts featuring Max Keiser and Jamie Dimon, the current CEO of criminal crime syndicate JP Morgan.  In […]


Perhaps it is difficult to remember what has been written from one day to the next. The stories below, however, appeared in the same Saturday edition of the N Y Times.  Am I the only one who draws a connection here? JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion By ERIC DASH 1/15/2010 JPMorgan Chase kicked off what […]