The North American Nobel Prize laureate in Economics backs the 15M Movement of "the Indignados" in Spain

Joseph Stiglitz gives a little surprise speech at one 15M movement assembly in Madrid Marches from all over the country fill up the Spanish capital with assemblies, forums, demonstrations, and actions of protest and start an international march to Brussels by Concha Mateos Madrid July 25th , 2011 “It is not a crisis; it is […]

2-minute video: Best-selling Chief Economist John Perkins explains criminal US foreign policy

source and with video: Carl Herman, I previously shared an interview with the “Economic Hitman,” John Perkins; a former Chief Economist and multi-Bestselling author. The sharpest video for what Perkins has to say is this widely-viewed and well-animated two-minute version on the left. My conclusions of political and economic work over the last 30 years is […]

92-year-old US Nuremberg prosecutor: US wars exact same as Nazi wars

Source: Carl Herman, The most expensive public policy and most precious civil liberty involves the life and death issue of war. For cost: Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard’s Linda Bilmes co-authored a paper that current US wars have a long-term cost to US taxpayers of $3 to $5 trillion now. That’s up to ~$50,000 per […]