A Play about For-Profit Colleges

Aaron Calafato is a playwright and actor. Like many people who choose that line of work, however, he has a hard time making a dime.  So he took a job as a recruiter for a for-profit college in Ohio. His experiences there led him to become a critic of the predatory industry. Now, according to […]

Why making Facebook private won’t protect you

Privacy advocates around the world extoll the virtues of setting your Facebook account to be as private as possible to prevent it from being seen by prying eyes. Now, however, there is a new threat looming as states, such as Maryland and Illinois, are creating bills that would force individuals to open their Facebook accounts […]

Race To Utopia: How A Public Servant Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Free Market

No Child Left Behind just celebrated its tenth anniversary: while educators, children and parents have generally loathed the landmark signature legislation, and while studies have shown that it has failed to improve learning despite its immense cost,  NCLB’s free-market policies – high-stakes standardized testing, and school closures for “losers” – are the undisputed status quo […]

Kaplan University feeds off taxpayers in myriad ways

I know that I have devoted a great deal of time covering Kaplan University.  The crime syndicate continues to bob its head in the frothy sea of neo-liberal economics on a daily basis and little is covered in mainstream corporate press.  For example, according to the Orlando Business Journal, Florida has issued $1.7 billion in […]

So, we got rid of the illegals and no one wants their jobs

The Obama administration has been extremely tough on rounding up illegal immigrants and deporting them. So tough that he’s deported more than any other administration in history. So what’s the problem you ask? Well, no one wants the jobs because they either don’t pay enough, are too hard, or both. Although a tough new law […]

If you’re disgusted with the big banks, this is the best email you will read in a long time

  Breaking news! Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General, has rejected the bogus 50 state settlement pushed by the big banks. Without California, the entire effort to lure the 50 Attorneys General into signing a “get out of jail FREE” card is crumbling. For the first time, we’ve got the banks on the run. They’re terrified. We […]

American reality gaps

By Saul Landau Now that the 9/11 celebrations of memories, oaths of determination, endless renditions of God Bless America and Nowhere else, and flying of flags have become old news, my wife and I take an overnight vacation. Driving north on scenic Highway 29 in Napa County, admiring the endless acres of grapes which will […]

a new one, WFU (Wake the F#ck Up)

Thanks to GW, the people making $250K a year have been paying lower taxes now for the last decade.  Meanwhile our unemployment rate has soared.  Boehner would have us believe that raising the taxes on the rich would kill job growth.  Really?  What job growth? When Clinton left office it appeared that we were near […]

"Gapwash": propaganda and education

Gapwash from: Special Guest Found at:  http://forpublicschool.wikispaces.com/Dictionary+of+Reform This is an edited version that can be found above. The idea of working to close the so-called “achievement gap” in education is very similar to the concept of “greenwash” in environmentalism. Greenwash is the term used to refer to propaganda deliberately used by polluters to cover up […]

Me and Mister Brown.

I think Jerry Brown helped me get a reputation as a conservative radio commentator. That didn’t last long.