China Censors Obama’s Inauguration Speech

The speech heard all around the world, or maybe not. The Chinese media aka Chinese Government apparently stunned Obama would mention communism quickly faded the audio and went to the broadcasters.  When the online version was then censored the publisher released a statement saying they were “duty bound to protect the country’s interest” Automatically proving […]

Openly Gay Bishop to give Obama Inauguration Prayer

Gay rights leader, Gene Robinson has been invited by Obama for the opening inauguration prayer. Kudos to Obama for this one Huffington New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, a vocal gay rights leader, will open President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration with a prayer on Sunday’s kick-off event at the Lincoln Memorial…  

Rick Warren’s AIDS Program in Africa Making Problem Worse

As president elect Obama gets ready to take office, there are still many concerns on his choice to invite super church guru Rick Warren to give the inaugural prayer.  We all knew that the man is a flat out gay-bashing homophobic, but his one saving grace was supposed to be his extensive work with AIDS […]

Right Wing Republican Appointed Judges May Lead Hearings For GITMO

Looks like the right wing appointed judges will have another chance to put away gitmo prisoners without any evidence.  By Robert Parry  December 31, 2008, Consortium News Civil libertarians hailed last June’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring habeas corpus hearings to justify indefinite detentions at Guantanamo Bay, but there remained the question of which federal judges would hear […]