Have yourself a ‘data-driven’ Christmas: All Children Left Behind (ACLB) and ‘Waiting for super-elves’

As we approach the holidays it is worthwhile to note that No Child Left behind is being applied to Santa’s elves.  Yes, Santa’s elves.  Blaming incompetent elves for world poverty and and not being able to compete with Chinese elves, is part of the movie — ‘Waiting For Super-elves” and of course part of the rhetoric […]

Jay Matthews of the Washington Post: Five reasons for profit colleges will survive

On November 27th, 2011 ‘education’ writer, Jay Matthews of the Washington Post, wrote a defense of for-profit colleges.  One can only infer that his bosses, CEO Donny Graham and his sister Lally commanded Matthews to write the piece.  This is how the paper works:  journalists are tightly watched and their coverage must be in allignment […]

Western Supported Lynching of Black Africans in Libya…‏

Click the link below to listen to the show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news/2011/06/30/lynching-rape-and-lies-in-libya Please join us this episode as we were joined by Dr. Randy Short and Mr. Navid Nasr for an important dialogue on the continued destructive US government, and Western media, propaganda scheme regarding Libya. The US government and corporate media continue to openly and financially […]

Wisconsin rallies, Detroit is next – Rally planned today and on February 23, 2011

Rally and March Wednesday February 23 Noon at the Michigan State Capitol Stop Emergency Financial Manager Dictatorships in Michigan! Defeat the New Jim Crow / House Bill 4214 ! Run Rob Bobb out of our State!  Save Public Education! Tell Snyder — Hell No More Budget Cuts!    Buses  to leave Northwest Activities Center at around 9 am; […]

Sarah Palin: Feminist Hero

She was posing for the cover of Runner’s World magazine. It never occurred to Sarah Palin, when she leaned on a disheveled American flag and held up two Blackberries to the camera, that her legs peeking out from those running shorts would end up on the cover of Newsweek. On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin […]