Carl Herman radio interview on public education’s failure to address the 1%’s abuse of dictatorial power

source: Carl Herman Phil Mikan, a New England radio host, interviewed me for an hour on November 16th, 2011 on the topic of to what extent public education is designed to address and avoid the concentration of power and wealth in our world of the present. The interview is here.  

Why the Occpy Movement is Winning!

  Listen to Fox News and the screaming right-wing, and you might think the screaming left-wing were a bunch of lazy, unemployed drumbeating freeloaders that are pitching tents in public spaces and defecating on the streets. However, you don’t need to go to Fox News for such ridiculous notions. After the Huffington Post headlined video […]

Thai web forum host facing 50 years in prison as authorities prosecute censorship law violations

Thai web forum host facing 50 years in prison as authorities prosecute censorship law violations By Michael I. Niman Special to Daily Censored Februrary 28th 2011 Chiranuch Premchaiporn manages Thailand’s independent alternative news website In 2008, one or more unidentified readers posted comments to Prachatai’s online forum which, according to prosecutors who presented the […]

Project Censored Covers Women and Gender Issues Year Round

Kate Raphael host for Women’s Magazine radio show on KPFA January 3, reported that Project Censored didn’t notice Women and Gender stories in 2010. Actually we had extensive coverage of women and gender news during the past year.  The quote on the KPFA program website states that,  “On Project Censored’s Top 25 list for 2010, […]

CIT is Only a Symptom, the Diease is Much Deeper

The news about CIT’s filing for bankruptcy protection should be another nail in the coffin of the global economy, but no one seems to be lining up at the funeral parlor. In fact, the news isn’t really all that bad, unless you take the time to read between the lines. The main point of the […]

Al Sharpton to replace Alan Colmes on "Hannity"

As Alan Colmes departs “Hannity and Colmes” many were wondering what liberal would step in to sell their soul for a News Corp. paycheck,  enter Al Sharpton. Conservative guest Michele Backman will also be filling in for Hannity when he is to busy researching his next story from the Weekly World News (Bat Boy Magazine). […]