Will the Real Hillary Rodham Clinton please stand up?

A friend in Murmansk and I have been having a discussion about Ukraine and Crimea. She asked me if I had read the history of Ukraine and Russia. I told her that I have read the Ukrainian version as was provided to me by a Ukrainian.  And then I said… What I have heard in this […]

Foreign Contributions and the Supreme’s Overdue Decision on Campaign Funding

Michael Collins The Supreme Court of the United States will soon announce a major decision on our lightly controlled system of campaign funding.  Will it retain some limitations on corporate influence or will the court blow the lid off and cause a perpetual flood of unrestricted corporate contributions? An additional outcome may surprise and shock […]

US-CUBA: Obama Urged to Take Bold Steps Toward Normalisation

Wow, you mean we might actually talk to other leaders instead of ignoring them.  We shall see if the Obama Administration can actually get this in the works.  The original story can be found at IPS By Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Jan 14 (IPS) – A broad spectrum of groups and individuals is urging President-elect Barack […]