The GOP, gutting America day by day

Every single day I read a new story about how the Republicans are gutting [pdf] one program or another and crushing rights for one group or another. Here’s just a small list that I’ve compiled. The GOP guts regulations requiring adequate rest for pilots because the bottom line is all that matters. [youtube][/youtube] The GOP […]

What’s it all about, Alfie?

It is not about spending.  But then we know that, look at the tax breaks for the super rich.  It is not about jobs because shutting down the government will KILL the economy.  So, what’s it all about, Alfie? Republicans are refusing to budge on these ideological demands: • No federal financing for Planned Parenthood […]

Right-Wing Calls for Provocateurs

Back in August , 2009, I published a small article titled “Goons With Guns” that linked to a memo from a Right-Wing Tea Party organization called Right Principles. The memo called for their supporters to disrupt and harass those that showed up to town hall meetings in support of health care reform. Here is a […]

Tea baggers fail to see their own hypocrisy

So, there was yet another tea party rally, this time in Boston. They’re still pissed off at health care reform, calling it socialist and communist without ever understanding the definition of those two words. I wonder where they were a few years ago when Medicare part D was push through with no vote and why […]

Health Care Reform: The Ideal vs. the Real—Do We Reject?

Health Care Reform: The Ideal vs. the Real—Do We Reject? By Will Shonbrun Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the Act Falls the Shadow -T.S. Elliot A hot topic of debate among progressives regarding health care reform is whether the current Senate bill is worth keeping or should be jettisoned and […]

NO COMMON GROUND, in 600 words or less

I give up.  There is no common ground.  I just tried to reason, in my head, with a close friend who exists on the other side of the great partisan divide that has arisen in this country.  It doesn’t work.  I doubt if he has ever even seen a food stamp or collected unemployment.  I […]

Crossing the Line

I am getting close to crossing the line, I think.  Yesterday I saw a fellow in his mid 60’s who was wearing a startlingly red polo shirt with “Deloitte & Touche” embroidered on it.  I asked if his shirt came with a bonus?  As he got into his brand new, candy apple red Corvette convertible, […]