What the Pope can teach President Barrack Obama

  picture of President Obama at the World Bank  Introduction Barack Obama’s election in 2008 was largely in response to Bush era misconduct. He ran on a platform of Hope and Change — a promise to restore the rule of law, respect civil liberties, and mend relations with the international community. Since his election, Obama […]

Hope & Change Betrayed: the prosecution of Obama Supporters and the deprecation of daily life

It appears my article: Hope and Change Betrayed was hacked and disappeared from the internet.  After it was published dailycensored was acting funny as if traffic were being redirected to another server. The website then went down completely and when it came back up the article disappeared. The cached version was even wiped from google […]

Center for Constitutional Rights denounces media silence: A former CNN journalist confirms the "manufacture" of information

The following article is from The Telegrafo newspaper out of Ecuador.  all over Latin America people and their governments know that the US is fixing the news and muddling the minds of the American people. Only in the US are most people unaware of the sordid news coverage by the corporate owned media.  Fixating on […]

Bill Maher Interviews Julian Assange on HBO

  Last Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher interviewed Wiileaks founder Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. They discuss the illegal investigation of Wikileaks the FBI tried to carry out in London, the federal grand jury in Virginia looking at charging Assange with terrorism and the legislation Senator Joe Lieberman […]

Enlightening The President and Press

Cuba: Facts and realities By Saul Landau and Nelson Valdés “No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver” – Spanish saying (There is no worse blind person than the one who does not wish to see.) On May 13, Miami newspaper headlines and TV leads should have said: “Obama makes fool of himself.” […]

US Revolution: Obama fascism is more unlawful than Bush fascism

Source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com Activist Post wrote a brilliant article to explain and document how the Obama administration has escalated the unlawful policies of the Bush administration. The unlawful policies of murderous wars and fraudulent transfer of trillions of taxpayers’ dollars to corporate elites by “leadership” of Democrats and Republicans leads America to one obvious […]

U.S – Cuba policy for 50+ years

By Saul Landau and Nelson Valdes U.S. foreign assistance empowers those in Cuba who are working towards positive change to advocate for fundamental freedoms and free market-oriented solutions to meet the needs of Cuban citizens. – U.S. AID web page, March 2011 On March 12, after a two day trial, a Cuban court sentenced Alan […]

Dozens Arrested in Washington Dc Protesting US Torture Policies

42 Arrested at U.S. Capitol in Day of Action to Denounce Obama’s Broken Promises on Guantanamo, America’s Broken Laws, and the Breaking of Lives by Torture Washington, DC: In a dramatic protest, 42 activists with Witness Against Torture were arrested this afternoon at the U.S. Capitol. Most of the arrestees had been fasting since January […]

On whom can you count?

The Democratic National Committee sent me a note with the question, “Mr. Sayers, may we count on you?” For me that begs a larger question, “Can I count on them?” As if I had a choice, I voted for them to “deliver us from evil.” I am still waiting. We are still “renditioning” people of […]

Obama’s Sneaky Repackaging of Bush Era Policies of Torture And War

Larry Jones writes on the ‘World Can’t Wait’ website that President Obama is only making cosmetic changes and is repackaging Bush’s Program of Torture and War to make them more palatable to gullible Americans. Conservatives have also been quick to point out Obama’s clever tricks. The New York Times published an op-ed saying that there […]