No News Is Good News, Right?

Were you as surprised as I to hear of that RN in Spain? On national media, it was as if only the US and West Africa existed, without a thought given to how the disease could spread elsewhere. I will have to think about that later. At least, in Europe, they have Universal health care. […]

Abdicating reasoning: Surrendering the debate over teaching, testing and assessment to the constables of obedience training

In 2010 I wrote what follows below.  Since then, if you go to Truthout (GOP Declares no more critical thinking in schools, ( one can clearly begin to see just how damaging the forces of ideological control are and how irrationalism and unreason litter America’s cultural landscape. Reactionary forces understand that in order to maintain high […]

Buying the presidency

With the onset of Super PACs, Americans can no longer live with the illusion that they have any say in who is elected president. It’s all about the money and how many billionaires will support you. Once you’re in office, you will have to answer to those rich donors who put you there. Mitt Romney’s […]

JOBS, what about those jobs?

We have about 27 million people between the ages 18 to 24.  I cannot find current statistics, but articles in the past few years have shown that half of the kids never make it through high school.  Half of those who do are not proficient in reading and math. Six years ago, in Atlanta, I […]

GOP Forcing Burris to Resign

Now this story may not be censored, but on a late Sunday night before Presidents Day the Drudge Report has missed this story and the Huffington Post has burried it on the bottom of the page 2 hours after the AP released it. Additionally, Yahoo pulled it off their homepage after 30 minutes. As for […]

Right Wing Republican Appointed Judges May Lead Hearings For GITMO

Looks like the right wing appointed judges will have another chance to put away gitmo prisoners without any evidence.  By Robert Parry  December 31, 2008, Consortium News Civil libertarians hailed last June’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring habeas corpus hearings to justify indefinite detentions at Guantanamo Bay, but there remained the question of which federal judges would hear […]