Wall Street starves, KILLS CHILDREN with fraudulent food “trades;” where are the arrests?

I documented personal history how US political “leadership” and corporate media allow a million children to die from preventable poverty each month. For Wall Street’s role in this child-slaughtering, UK Independent’s Grace Livingstone deftly explains (my emphasis): “Speculation by large investment banks is driving up food prices for the world’s poorest people, tipping millions into […]

Wall Street Investment Firms Dabble in the Illegal Sex Trade: And it is not just Goldman Sachs

  On April 1, 2012 Nicholas Kristof reported in the New York Times how Goldmann Sachs has been profiting from the sex trade as  16% owner of Village Voice Media. Village Voice media publishes backpage.com one of the largest sellers and publishers of on line ads for  illegal prostitution services.   What Kristof did not […]

Citizens United: Corporate free speech and working class decimation

The following is by Paul Moore:   A few days over a year ago, or to be more precise on January 21, 20 Citizens United:10, the US Supreme Court handed over what little was left of this nation’s pretensions to democracy on a silver platter to the Big Banks and the US Chamber of Commerce. The case was titled Citizens United v. […]

Opinion By Ellen Bravo Feb. 23, 2011 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Ellen Bravo is executive director of Family Values @ Work Consortium, a network of 15 state coalitions working for policies that value families. My older son did magic shows as a kid. He learned early on that the key to fooling the audience was a steady stream of patter and something to draw their attention […]

How much more are you going to take…

Spending cuts, jobs, taxes, health care, education, infrastructure, banking, housing, energy, defense, and climate are all very important right now and all inter-related.  But they are just noise.  They are a giant smokescreen to hide the GRAND THEFT that has been and is going on right now. Illegal foreclosures.  Bank of America got caught in […]