Right-Wing Denounces Democracy

Over the past 18 plus days, the world witnessed Egypt’s stunning move toward democracy. We watched as the brutal dictator Hosni Mubarak unleashed camel and horseback riding thugs to bash in the heads and disrupt peaceful protesters. We saw through the lies about foreign interference spread by Mubarak supporters and state owned television. We heard […]

Our Debate Culture—Someone Wins, but Never the Truth

Recently, a colleague asked a few other professors and me to participate in a student debate as part of his first year seminar. Our role in the debate was to evaluate the debate, and of course, choose a winning side. During the debate, I came to recognize something about the debate itself, the college freshmen […]

Media Spreads Tea Party Leaders as “Anti-Establishment” Myth

The Tea Party mythology – that it is a grassroots, “insurgent” movement bent on overthrowing the “establishment” – has taken root in the corporate and even independent liberal media, largely because of the Herculean efforts by conservative think tanks, media sources, and big corporate funding.

Chief Judge of 9th Circuit: “1984 here at last,” especially for poor.

“1984 may have come a bit later than predicted, but it’s here at last.” “If you have the a cell phone in your pocket, then the government can watch you.” “Are Winston and Julia’s cell phones together near a hotel a bit too often? ….The FBI need no longer deploy agents to infiltrate groups it […]

Room with a view: compromising on public education with capital

Is the plan now to cut the humanities and a liberal arts education from community and state colleges?

Don’t be surprised. why should one take messy history classes or philosophy classes when they are majoring in law enforcement or pursuing a Home Land Security Degree? Why should they be exposed to art and music when the priority is getting them ready to compete with China?