"Workers rights are human rights and natural rights" — University of Maryland and the New Jim Crow

Picture of University of Maryland worker at a forum to protest racial and sexual harrassment of workers   The following is from Diamondback, the campus newspaper for the University of Maryland.  Dailycensored.com has continuously covered this controversy for some years.  Promoting solidarity amongst students and workers is key to overcoming capitalism and assuring workplace equality. Also, […]

University of Maryland Police will join efforts to make staff members feel safer

Solomon Comissiong at a forum with university workers who complain of workplace abuse, harrassment and sexual abuse from management at UMD   I have written extensively about the problems that plague employees at the University of Maryland on several occasions.  The workplace abuse heaped on them by a crooked administration, cronyism and patronage has been […]

University of Maryland students hear from Dominican Republic workers about unjust working conditions and exploitation by corporate sweatshops

In the months following an outcry of alleged abuse in university departments on the campus, students are looking to places as far away as the Dominican Republic for inspiration to change this behavior.  Internationalizing the issue of workers’ rights is exactly what is needed now that capital crosses borders with a key stroke while workers […]

Baltimore Freedom Forum: Can Public Schools Be Saved?

All over the country masses of working people are fighting to save public education from the grips of the privatizers.  The educational agenda for the right wing and their economic masters is ‘school vouchers’ and this movement will and is gaining momentum as more and more ‘online schools’ run for profit proliferate the educational landscape […]

University of Maryland workers being sexually abused

http://www.diamondbackonline.com/news/more-staff-members-allege-office-abuse-1.2226833 It took university housekeepers several minutes to muster up the courage to report mistreatment by their employers at a forum Tuesday designed to give a voice to those who have long been silent. But as they took their turns at the microphone, reports of alleged sexual harassment, racial discrimination and abuse at their on-campus […]

President of the University of Maryland allegedly walked out in a huff after discussion on Daycon with students, officials

  Just when one thought that the situation at the University of Maryland could not get worse, it did.  If it is not management abusing public workers at the university, which has been is being reported at Daily Censored and the Diamondback (the University of Maryland’s campus paper), it has now come to light that […]

May Day: The University of Maryland Public Workers air grievances regarding despicable working conditions, racism, sexism, patronage and cronyism

  Picture of Maryland University forum held by Black Faculty and Staff Association to address public workers’ concerns, April 26, 2011  In the public sector of our society, to take one example within public universities, the school administration is the ‘managerial class’ that oversees education and all the workers who labor within the public university […]

Thai web forum host facing 50 years in prison as authorities prosecute censorship law violations

Thai web forum host facing 50 years in prison as authorities prosecute censorship law violations By Michael I. Niman Special to Daily Censored Februrary 28th 2011 Chiranuch Premchaiporn manages Thailand’s independent alternative news website Prachatai.com. In 2008, one or more unidentified readers posted comments to Prachatai’s online forum which, according to prosecutors who presented the […]

The Latin American Revolution (A Your World News Exclusive)

This is a four part audio documentary written by Asad Ismi and produced by Kristin Schwartz. This four-part audio documentary is about the remarkable process of progressive social change taking place in Latin America. Written in 2009 and produced in 2010. Most of the interviews were recorded at the 2009 World Social Forum held in […]

Chicago’s Mayor Daley says let pension funds go bankrupt! Communities are failing across America

Speaking on a Global Metro Summit panel at the University of Illinois-Chicago with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Daley appeared to indicate that allowing the pensions to go bankrupt so they could be reorganized was something he believes could happen. “I’m one who believes that pension funds can go bankrupt […]