Hundreds of federal police cleared protesting teachers from the main highway between Mexico City and Acapulco

As I wrote at on March 5, 2013: “An interesting report out of Mexico concerning corruption charges against the head of the Mexican teacher’s union has appeared at Al Jazeera.  The report, found below, indicates that the government has arrested and charged Elba Esther Gordillo, the leader of the Mexican teacher’s union with embezzlement […]

Federal Reserve can serve 100%, not criminal 1%: Prof. Tim Canova explains

The first 32 minutes of this video from Claremont Colleges’ Center for Process Studies’ conference, “Money-Creation in a Finite World,” is Professor Timothy Canova’s presentation to explain how the Federal Reserve can be governed away from its captured status to redirect trillions of dollars in annual benefits for Americans (recent paper here). Note: the bottom-right […]

2-minute holiday video: O, Damn Ye Wall St. Gentlemen

source: Carl Herman Art is in the brilliant video from ovaria; following are the independently verifiable facts that the “99%” are embezzled by the “1%” for over a trillion of our dollars every year. How does the 1% do this? They purchased corporate media to cover their assets, that’s how. This article shows how the […]

S S & Medicare Are Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

Let me try to make this very simple.  Social Security and Medicare are not part of the problem.  They are part of the solution.  They are NOT part of the deficit.  Cutting them will not make the deficit less.  Cutting them will reduce the revenue side of the equation and make the deficit bigger.  Everyone […]


The GOP claims that Social Security and Medicare are out of control and are major contributors to our National Debt.  This is simply not true.  Social Security and Medicare will need tweaking later to meet their goals of providing healthcare and a minimal retirement program for seniors and our disabled.  However, as you can see […]

The Entitlement Hoax

Social Security has nothing to do with the federal deficit. Nothing. It is, has and will be in the black, self-financed and not dependent upon tax revenues. With no congressional action whatsoever, Social Security can pay all benefits on time and in full until 2037 and at least three-quarters of scheduled benefits through 2084. Social […]

Yes, "There Will Be Blood."

We have arrived.  Recently, I wrote about Mt Clemens, Michigan that is going bankrupt.  That city only has 17,000 people, but the problem is that Mt Clemens is but one of many.  Because of the total obstructionist attitude of the Tea Party/Republican/Blue Dog Democrats, however, the Federal Government is about to join that list.  Rather […]