Internet Noir: Confession from a hired internet shill/troll

Readers might know that has been hacked at least twice, very severely.  Once, last year after articles appeared about criminal Kaplan University, blood bank for the Washington Post.  Again, just a few weeks ago after articles appeared about the NSA and their devious Orwellian repressive apparatus. We do not know who is responsible, but […]

Blatant Facebook Censorship

Victim of Facebook Censorship Peter Dale Scott, professor emeritus at UC Berkeley and one of the most esteemed researchers of the murky JFK assassination and CIA involvement in cocaine trafficking, recently had his Facebook account inactivated, along with a eighteen other activists who either challenged current US gun control initiatives or the the official version […]

Kaplan Kids becomes the Official Sponsor of Disney Live!!!!! Mickey’s Music festival and Phineas and Ferb: The Best live tour ever

Premier Educational Provider Partners with the Premier Live Family Entertainment Producer to Support Family Events Nationwide from August 2012 to February 2013 You can’t make this stuff up and it is tough to even keep up with it in real time.  As I have written, Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been and will be entering […]

How big is the bot problem on Facebook?

Limited Run is a startup that creates a platform for musicians, labels, and artists to sell actual physical products to the public. Like many companies, they have spent some of their advertising budget on Facebook. What Limited Run discovered, however, is that 80% of its ad clicks are coming from bots, essentially making their ads […]

Why making Facebook private won’t protect you

Privacy advocates around the world extoll the virtues of setting your Facebook account to be as private as possible to prevent it from being seen by prying eyes. Now, however, there is a new threat looming as states, such as Maryland and Illinois, are creating bills that would force individuals to open their Facebook accounts […]

Facebook PAC raises privacy concerns

Over the past few years, Facebook has garnered a lot of publicity, concern, and backlash for its numerous privacy issues. The most current concern is a recent patent filing to track its users offsite as well as actually helping the government with surveillance.  Earlier this week, Facebook created its own Political Action Committee (PAC). The […]

Really, How Much Longer?

I despair for this country.  The rich keep getting richer and things like Arizona refusing to pass on Federal money to the unemployed through extended benefits keep happening to the poor.  The republicans keep going after the old people because even if some old guy swings a rake or something, he won’t hurt anybody.  Take […]

Dancing with Medea

This week, a friend sent me a YouTube video on Facebook of a couple arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial on May 28, 2011. I briefly looked at the video, shared it on my Facebook page, and went off to work. When I came home, I saw the link was shared again and that […]

Detroit: Dozen people arrested in direct action to protect public schools and how the press covered it

Detroit Federation of Teachers Smith Radio Show in Pennsylvania  Report from BAMN Teacher/Occupier Nicole Conaway Update: Students occupy Detroit school Catherine Ferguson Academy students protest pending privatizion of school By ROBERT GUTTERSOHN | The South End Updated: 3 hours ago Students, faculty take over Detroit school in protest April 15, 2011 […]

Department of Education wants principals to censor student speech

Under the guise of defeating bullying, the US Department of Education has stated that it wants school principals to censor student speech, particularly in the cafeteria and at online sites, such as Facebook. School principals are being threatened by the DOE with lawsuits if they do not adhere to what special interest groups deem to […]