Preserving the Water Planet

by Rebel Fagin There are substitutes for oil. There are no substitutes for water. It is through water that we are first experiencing climate change. Old solutions, like drilling deeper, building bigger dams, bringing water in from further away, and desalination will not avail us. Desalination plants are expensive to build. They use lots of […]

In Yasuni Park, Ecuador: mothers are living fully: A Happy Mother’s day for the indigenous of Ecuador

Happy Mother’s day to all the women in the world.  In this article, provided by El Telegrafo, May 12, 2013 , from Ecuador, we see how mothers in Yasuni Park, the richest bio-diversity in the world are working to sustain their lives and not give in to the exigencies of capitalism, competition, and global despair. […]

Rafael Correa slam dunks presidentïal elections in Ecuador: "This victory is yours. It belongs to our families, to our wife, to our friends, our neighbors, the entire nation

Much to the despair of US imperialism, acccording to Associated Press, President Rafael Correa who has spent heavily on the poor, confidently celebrated his second re-election Sunday even before the first official results were announced ( An exit poll, published just minutes ago gave Correa, who first took office in 2007, 61 percent against 20 percent for […]

Ecuador’The Yasuní initiative seemed to break a deadlock: it proposed the world should compensate Ecuador for not extracting oil from a biodiverse national park’s plan falters     As reported on, Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa won a stunning, yet not surprising victory, in this tiny country in South America.  But there are reasons to be concerned for the environment and the people of this courageous nation as the race for resources continues unfettered by faltering developed nations seeking to […]

Transactional thinking and transformational leadership: Africa

by:Turwanire Kimathi-Tecumseh Mandla and Professor Paul J. Cook “In transactional leadership, rewards and punishments are contingent upon the performance of the followers. The leader views the relationship between managers and subordinates as an exchange – you give me something for something in return. When subordinates perform well, they receive some type of reward. When they […]

Regents Join the Cap-and-Trade Frenzy Feeding: California and Mexico’s Lacandon Jungle

The following is from Steven Miller.  Steve is a teacher in Oakland and has been an activist for his entire life. This was written late last year but reamains of great importance for it brings up the issues of the Lacandon jungle, the Zapatistas and what we can call the “nuevo conquistadores”.  Similar problems persist […]

Environmental internationalism: Cuba’s new mission?

By Saul Landau and Nelson P. Valdés Since 1959 Cuba has played a significant world role, quite a feat for a nation of 5 million – 11 million now. Cubans have shown their values, commitment and solidarity in dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters around the world. Between 1960 and 2011, Cuba sent 45 […]


     Several scientific studies have shown that the electromagnetic fields that surround high voltage (HV) power lines have adverse effects on humans, plants, and animals.      The effects linked with these fields include: increased irritability, fatigue and headaches, higher cholesterol levels; hypertension; tremors of extremities; hyperhidrosis (extreme sweating); ulcers; possibly reduced sperm counts in humans […]

"Let’s not build bridges and end up with an increased number of people sleeping under them."

Education, Arts, Human Services, Environmental Workers… Randy Shaw, of BeyondChron: San Francisco’s Alternative Online Daily, explains areas that really need support from Obama’s $750 billion stimulus package… “President-elect Obama’s $750 billion stimulus package is seeking to boost jobs by focusing on such “brick and mortar” infrastructure projects as roads, bridges, schools, and solar panels. But […]