The CIA spied on Noam Chomsky since the 1960’s, screamed the headlines of El Telegrafo, an Ecuadorian newspaper yesterday

The CIA  has spied on intellectual dissident Noam Chomsky since the 1960’s, screamed the headlines of El Telegrafo, a newspaper from Ecuador, August 13, 2013 Wonder if the Washington Post, once the main player in spy operation Operation Mockingbird (, recently purchased by billionaire Jeff Bezo, reported this?  How about the New York Times?  Doubtful.  […]

Ecuadorian Chancellor says Ecuador did not grant a refugee card to Edward Snowden

From: El Telegrafo, Ecuador Galo Galarza, the chancellor in charge of Ecuador, said today that the government of Ecuador has not given any documents to the ex-CIA technician Edward Snowden, who has been in Moscow since last Sunday when it emerged that he sought asylum in Quito, Ecuador after revealing secret wire tapping programs and internet spying. […]

Henry Kissinger pressured Ecuador to accept a fishing agreement but under US conditions: The Kissinger Epoch

  Henry Kissinger: War criminal Dr. Kissinger: Well, first of all, what happened in 1973? In 1973, the first thing to remember is that when Allende was elected, he had about 35% of the votes, and the only reason he was elected is because the Democratic opposition divided itself into two other — into two […]

Why is the US Ambassador to Ecuador, Adam Namm doing an about face on freedom of the press in Ecuador: The Freedom Foundation and the CIA

In 2012 the US Ambassador to Ecuador, Adam Namm felt strongly that there was freedom of expression in the country.  In an interview with Ecuadorian paper, The Telegraph on June 23, 2012, the U.S. Ambassador in Ecuador found that there was not just freedom of expression in the small country, but “a lot of freedom […]

Ecuador: New bill to combat “biopiracy” From: El Telegrafo, Ecuador From: Ecuador The ministry in charge of intellectual property (IEPI) is preparing a bill that would protect traditional plant knowledge used by Ecuadorian tribes like the tsachilas and the shuar. They are also training the tribespeople to be aware of their ownership over their traditions, to help protect against “biopiracy”: […]

Center for Constitutional Rights denounces media silence: A former CNN journalist confirms the "manufacture" of information

The following article is from The Telegrafo newspaper out of Ecuador.  all over Latin America people and their governments know that the US is fixing the news and muddling the minds of the American people. Only in the US are most people unaware of the sordid news coverage by the corporate owned media.  Fixating on […]