The “Critical” Crisis of Public Education in America

The “Critical” Crisis of Public Education in America By: Solomon Comissiong The United States continues to produce one of the most underachieving and disproportionately unequal public school systems within the realm of industrialized countries. Despite a wealth of monetary resources the American public school system has grown quite comfortable when it comes to the vast […]

The Privatization and Attack on Public Education‏ Please join us for a very important show on the state of Education in America. This show will cover the Charter school scam, attack on teachers’ unions, the For Profit University scam and a critical analysis of the Obama administration’s Race to the Top scheme. Public education continues under threat of being more and […]

Attack on Detriot Public Schools Continues!‏ Please join us this episode (May 13, 2010 at 7:30 PM EST) for our exclusive interview with Devon, a student activist from Detroit Michigan, as we talk about the continued attacks on his school system by corporations like Walmart and public officials who are doing their bidding. Devon has been working with the civil […]


The power of the movement is its independence and its understanding that it speaks for the majority. The student movement lifted all of us. The marches, sit-ins, occupations and rallies reminded us that when we stand and fight together, we can win and, maybe just as importantly, restore our own sense of collective purpose, joy, hope and optimism. To move this new movement forward and to move forward the civil rights, immigrant rights, and labor movements, we need to march on Washington.