We Steal Elections, don’t we?: A brief history of the right wing assault on democracy

In  2010 the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case  that corporations are people and money is speech, opening the flood gates for corporations and plutocrats to spend unlimited amounts  of outside money to  influence elections and threaten politicians. An immediate result  was millionaire Art Pope spending millions to engineer the Republican  take over […]

You Heard It Here First

Gadhafi will leave and soon and spend the rest of his days in Venezuela.  The rebels in Libya will ask China to help them with their oil.  The GOP primary dance will continue because not all primary elections take place on Diebold machines.  However, when it is all done, the media and the GOP will […]

The Perfect Storm

Three things are coming together that spell the end of the United States, as we knew it.  Those elements are the Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited spending of undisclosed amounts of campaign spending by corporations, The massive financing of the “Tea-Party” by the Koch brothers, and the Diebold promise to provide a voting machine […]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. Not all conspiracies are theories…

During the run up to the Presidential primaries, two years ago, something bothered me very much.  I liked the policies and plans that Edwards had in mind for this country.  However, he received absolutely NO press coverage, except when they could say something bad about him.  When his wife’s cancer was outed, there were favorable […]