MY COLLEGE DREAM – From a peasant, a soldier and a worker to a professor

Yes, education is being reduced to entertainment as the educational industry saddles up for the disembowlment of thinking.  The merger of entertainment and education will assure that the mafia corporations have serfs a plenty to call on for their barbaric Donner party. They call it online learning but of course it is not learning it […]

Canadian students RISE in protest as their affordable EDUCATION fees will be a thing of the PAST

RTGlobalReport Published on June 5, 2012 by RTGlobalReport The Canadian province of Quebec. A region that prides itself on free healthcare and affordable education for its residents. Students here pay a fixed amount for tuition fees, around $2500 a year for all of the colleges and universities. That’s the LOWEST rate in North America […]

UCLA Occupiers Fighting to Double Underrepresented Enrollment at the University of California

On Friday, June 1, 2012, several dozen students and civil rights activists participated in a BAMN-organized occupation of the UCLA admissions office to demand: Double Latina/o, black and other underrepresented minority student enrollment Admit more Latina/o, black, and other underrepresented minority students including some of the students we are submitting (on appeal). Reopen the Appeals […]

Don’t sit under the banana tree with anyone else but Rhee: Michele Rhee invited to speak to for-profit college "union" for $50K

On January 23 the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), the trade “ union” group for for-profit colleges in the United States, announced that former president George W. Bush would be the keynote speaker at the lobbying group’s annual conference on June 22, 2012 at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. […]

Students at the University of Maryland talk social issues, about racism and oppression

Published on Apr 15, 2012 by YourWorldNewsMedia These college students from the University of Maryland sit down for an extremely candid interview regarding a range of social issues society is plagued with, including institutional racism, sexism, white supremacy, the military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, the American political scam of a two party system, and […]

A Play about For-Profit Colleges

Aaron Calafato is a playwright and actor. Like many people who choose that line of work, however, he has a hard time making a dime.  So he took a job as a recruiter for a for-profit college in Ohio. His experiences there led him to become a critic of the predatory industry. Now, according to […]

U.S. House votes to deregulate for-profit colleges

American Legislative Exchange Council member and wind-up politician and arch-conservative, Virginia Foxx on the congressional floor       A recently submitted House Bill, H.R. 2117, would repeal a regulation commonly known as the “state authorization rule.” This rule is a mechanism designed to ensure that colleges adhere to state laws that govern them if […]

University of Maryland plans $7.2 million president’s mansion while employees suffer sexual abuse, low wages and students face massive tuition increases and spiraling debt

The “University House” at the University of Maryland is scheduled to open this fall.  Also known as the University of Maryland’s president’s house, the new mansion will have two separate sections: one wing will contain a 4,000-square-foot private residence with four bedrooms that will cost about $2 million. The other wing of the mansion will […]