Have yourself a ‘data-driven’ Christmas: All Children Left Behind (ACLB) and ‘Waiting for super-elves’

As we approach the holidays it is worthwhile to note that No Child Left behind is being applied to Santa’s elves.  Yes, Santa’s elves.  Blaming incompetent elves for world poverty and and not being able to compete with Chinese elves, is part of the movie — ‘Waiting For Super-elves” and of course part of the rhetoric […]

The Hypocrisy of Christmas‏‏ in America

www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news Please Join us this Thursday December 16th at 7:30 PM EST. If you cannot listen LIVE you can listen on Archive! America continues to be a quagmire of hypocrisy. The vast majority of the American populous is continually programmed by a tainted past they seemingly are afraid to research its origins. For this reason […]