Gives New Meaning To “Good Old Days.”

1950 Buick Roadmaster Have you ever been fired?  It knocks your socks off.  If you are any kind of person, you always try to do your best, and then, often through no fault of your own, it’s, “Adios.”   Pick up your stuff and leave.  Try as you might, the one thing you cannot take with […]

"..bring him, he will die at the airport!!!" The case of Edson Cosmas

  Posting on a Tanzanian web message board, translated from Swahili: one of many abusive and threatening posts about Edson Cosmas, gay activist threatened with deportation to Tanzania  Edson “Eddy” Cosmas is a young gay man from Tanzania (TZ) facing imminent deportation from the UK where he applied for, but was denied, asylum. He is […]

How safe is safe, or what’s going on in your back yard?

This started with a young kid on my local NPR station discussing whether we can afford to consider tightening safety requirements on nuclear power stations because the requirements may make them to expensive to build.  The stations we have were built to withstand what we thought, at the time, would be the worst possible scenario.  […]

Department of Education wants principals to censor student speech

Under the guise of defeating bullying, the US Department of Education has stated that it wants school principals to censor student speech, particularly in the cafeteria and at online sites, such as Facebook. School principals are being threatened by the DOE with lawsuits if they do not adhere to what special interest groups deem to […]


CENSORED IN 1978: NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS — ATOMIC LEMONS The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), a national public interest group, has for years been trying to tell the story of nuclear hazards to the American public with little success. Last year, the UCS released a report titled “Scientists’ Group Judges Federal Nuclear Safety Inspection Effort” […]

Lessons, What Can We Learn From Egypt?

The BBC is trying to get comments from their people in Egypt this a.m.  Their communication is repeatedly being cut off.  Mubarak is gone, but look who is in place—the military.  The military was a close ally of Mubarak for thirty years.  I understand what the demands of the people over there are.  They were […]

Survival, How Hard Can It Be?

People who work pay taxes, which fund the government.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Cut spending to reduce government debt.  On the face of it, this sounds simple too.  Add into the mix that the government is the largest employer in the country and even the dimmest of us can begin to see that it is […]

The Censorship of Mark Twain

It was recently announced that the United States would be releasing a new version of Huckleberry Finn that will omit the words nigger and injun. Naturally, this decision is controversial. When you start down the path of open and blatant censorship, the results are never good. It doesn’t matter what the intentions are. When a […]

And, the joke is on…

I listened to Obama, on NPR, laud the fact that we are removing troops from Iraq.  Then I heard a carefully scripted NPR discussion about all the expense and corruption that will ensue.  When we remove the troops, Obama said we will ramp up our State Department personnel.  This will require increased protection that soldiers […]

Memorializing Freedom Fighters & Liberation Struggles‏ Please join us for an important and electric discussion around freedom, liberation, self determination and resistance. We will be paying memorial honor to various freedom fighters and activists! Naturally this show will also delve into imperialism, colonization, and numerous forms of slavery (mental, physical, economic, etc). As always we will offer up critical analysis […]