Rafael Correa slam dunks presidentïal elections in Ecuador: "This victory is yours. It belongs to our families, to our wife, to our friends, our neighbors, the entire nation

Much to the despair of US imperialism, acccording to Associated Press, President Rafael Correa who has spent heavily on the poor, confidently celebrated his second re-election Sunday even before the first official results were announced (http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hgAZhnAGQkQMLxWzzVjkOJ6q0r5g?docId=9610a2d4ce3948eb925a796c7a179818). An exit poll, published just minutes ago gave Correa, who first took office in 2007, 61 percent against 20 percent for […]

NPR, are you out of your #*%@- mind????

The real political task in a society such as ours is to criticize the workings of institutions that appear to be both neutral and independent, to criticize and attack them in such a manner that the political violence that has always exercised itself obscurely through them will be unmasked, so that one can fight against […]

Will the Greek economic collapse lead to private for-profit prison incarceration?

 Picture of the Prison of Socrates in Greece The prison population in Greece has seen a steady rise within the last dozen years.  Below are some of the numbers. Prisoners in Greece Year   Capacity Population 1998 4,332        6,150 2005 5,584        8,72 2008 7,543        11,243 2009 9,103        11,736 2011 9,223        12,586 http://www.athensnews.gr/issue/13477/52110  Now, with the country […]

Thomas Edison & Thomas Jefferson on monetary reform

This is my paper for The Center of Process Studies’ conference, Money-Creation in a Finite World (free and open to the public, April 10-12, 2012; Claremont Colleges, CA): Money and credit as public services for full-employment, optimal infrastructure, ending debt slavery:Epic proponents, related history of US government and corporate media, partnership for Occupy victory It’s divided into these […]

Students facing class shortages at the public community colleges while the for-profit drive-by colleges move in for the kill

Elizabeth Bucher, 19, who is attending a California community college in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa Junior College), did all she could to get into Biology 2.1 this semester, the last class she needed to transfer to UC Davis.  The problem is that the classes were full and the seats were not available.  The students were […]

Homeland Security Teacher Rating System Threat Advisory

Print[1], using a #2 pencil.  Submit copies to:               U. S. Department of Education               Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation               National Governors Association Center for Best Practices               Editorial Department New York Times               ALEC Name: Last _______________ First _______________ Middle ____________ Alias _______________ Sex: M F Other Not […]

Kaplan University feeds off taxpayers in myriad ways

I know that I have devoted a great deal of time covering Kaplan University.  The crime syndicate continues to bob its head in the frothy sea of neo-liberal economics on a daily basis and little is covered in mainstream corporate press.  For example, according to the Orlando Business Journal, Florida has issued $1.7 billion in […]

The One Kent Coalition, a secretive organization that includes the DeVos family, continues to push legislation promoted by ALEC, the Mackinac Center and Michigan Leaders for Business to consolidate local government in a new corporate metropolitan oligarchy

The legislation, ostensibly introduced to eliminate barriers to economic development, would consolidate and centralize all local governmental authority and powers, transfer ownership of all public assets and property, and abolish local representative government in the state of Michigan.  A proposal may be on the ballot as early as November 2011.  The draft legislation (see link below) lists the broad powers the CEO and commission will have in a new […]

Trillions for wars, billions in tax breaks for corporations and millionaires but ‘bupkas’ for education of our nation’s children

From: Larry Miller’s blog Larry Miller’s Blog Our Broken Escalator By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF  Published: July 16, 2011 NY Times THE United States supports schools in Afghanistan because we know that education is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to build a country. Alas, we’ve forgotten that lesson at home. All across America, […]

Colleges and universities transformed into mini-investment banks for private capital construction loans while students and faculty pay the socialized costs through higher tuition and lower wages and benefits

Picture of Harvard University Part One   I have been following the cascading financial crisis with some interest especially as it pertains to the business of higher education — and what a business it is!  The Wall Street ‘crisis’, or bankster fraud, has not only changed the economic geography of Wall Street, housing, credit, health […]