Uncle Graham E. Fuller, ex-CIA and the Boston Bombings

  http://spitfirelist.com/news/graham-fuller-helped-start-the-iran-contra-affair/ Posted by David Emory April 29, 2013 COMMENT: We keep learn­ing more and more about the back­ground of the fig­ures emerg­ing into view in con­nec­tion with the Boston marathon bombings. In our most recent post on the sub­ject, we noted the marital/familial rela­tion­ship of the alleged bombers’ “Uncle Tsarni” to Gra­ham E. Fuller, […]


From: World Affairs Brief April 26, 2013 Due to the mass of amateur photos and videos being used in the moments before, during and after the Boston bombing, there has been more private evidence surrounding this supposed “terrorist” event than almost any previous high-profile catastrophe. Although spectators, runners and other outsiders were quickly pushed away […]

Ralph Nadar on Boston, Texas and Corporate Criminal Justice

Boston, Texas and Corporate Criminal Justice By Ralph Nader, from HuffingtonPost.com “The Boston Marathon bombings killed three and injured more than 180. The West, Texas industrial explosion killed at least 14 and injured more than 180. Guess which one drew the greater media and law enforcement response? If it turns out that the West, Texas […]

Strategic Relocation: Boston

While Americans read about ‘chuckle head’ news broadcasters and how they were amused by a celebrity on the Huffington Post, Boston is experiencing what can only be called ‘martial law’. Alex Jones, hated by many but often spot on when it comes to such issues, has now given the public their first look at military […]

Dereliction of Derivatives and the deliquescence of Harvard

Harvard’s billions and the coming economic meltdown Larry Summers, the Obama administration economic advisor could be responsible for unilaterally destroying the Harvard University endowment fund (Harvard Corporation) as a result of the Milton Friedman market advice he gave the Harvard fund’s management during his awful tenure as Harvard University president from 2002 to 2006. Summers, […]

Tea baggers fail to see their own hypocrisy

So, there was yet another tea party rally, this time in Boston. They’re still pissed off at health care reform, calling it socialist and communist without ever understanding the definition of those two words. I wonder where they were a few years ago when Medicare part D was push through with no vote and why […]

Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood

Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood “There’s nothing that the Black man could use to earn Burn Hollywood Burn” – Chuck D, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane By Solomon (Academy Awards) season has come and gone and so, too, with it another year of Hollywood subsidized racist imagery. Hollywood, like many American mainstream institutions, has the […]

Does the American Military University (AMU) teach torture to its students or has it taught torture in the past? Wikileaks

Does the American Military University (AMU) teach torture to its students or has it taught torture in the past? Wikileaks Before I can actually broach the question I pose above head on and submit to you the facts I have that will allow you to draw your own conclusions based on proffered evidence, authenticated documentation […]

Haitian Voodoo Economics

By Christopher McManus On January 7th, President Rene Preval of Haiti put the final touches on the privatization of Haiti’s public telephone company, TELECO. Five days later the horrific earthquake leveled Haiti, killing over 200.000 people. The selling off of assets, the International Monetary Fund’s austerity measures, were under full swing under the Preval administration […]