Congressional Circus Charades

        What’s happening in this country of ours?         A most bizarre confluence of events has invaded our political scene and yet the response is overall lukewarm complacency, lethargic resignation, or the usual relentless drive towards more entertainment and escape from reality.         A man, an indictable war criminal, from a country that earlier this last year slaughtered over […]

Bill O’Reilly Show looses UPS advertising thanks to Think Progress

Thanks to a huge effort by and, UPS has stopped advertising on bill O’Reillys show. This comes after O’Reilly’s employees harassed and followed a blogger for Think Progress while on vacation. Think Progress In response to our Stop Supporting The O’Reilly Harassment Machine campaign, UPS told us yesterday that it was investigating whether […]

O’Reilly on Soon to be Canceled Radio Program "I was doing a show that was fact based"

As news comes out that The Radio Factor will come to a much needed end by next year, Bill O’Reilly just cant help but make yet another false self assessment. “I knew my show couldn’t be ideological..So I was doing a show that was fact-based….” Fortunate for the rest of the world, his arch-enemy and […]