Norman Finkelstein speaks in San Francisco, August 23

Tonight in San Francisco, Augusts 23rd, at a fundraiser for Children in the Gaza, Norman Finkelstein was the guest speaker. For those of you who may not be familiar with him, Norman Finkelstein is a professor of Political Theory, the writer of nine books dealing with the Israeli Conflict with the Palestinian People, an American […]


By Saul Landau   “Oy,” sobs the old woman. “Oy! Oy!” “What’s the matter, grandma?” asks a man passing by. “Oy, I’m so thirsty!” He returns with a glass of water. She drinks it and says: “Oy!” “What’s the matter now?” “Oy, was I thirsty!” Watching the Republican presidential debates has turned me —into an […]

Unknown Bigot Given Media Megaphone

Rev. Terry Jones had his “Balloon Boy” moment when the unknown pastor from a tiny church in Florida announced he would burn the Quran on Sept. 10, generating a media feeding frenzy spinning out over 6,000 articles (as of 9/08, according to Google Tracking).  All major corporate outlets and even independent blogs, like dailycensored, have […]