Wikileaks: from US cables: US.: "Oligarchy and armed forces, the decisive power" — Henry Kissinger genoicdal murderer

  The following was published recently by Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  It gives the reader an idea of the imperialist meddling in Ecuador in the 1970’s that would subsequently lead to the democratic election of Jaime Roldós Aguilera and his subsequent assassination by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1981. It is important to note, as […]

Why is the US Ambassador to Ecuador, Adam Namm doing an about face on freedom of the press in Ecuador: The Freedom Foundation and the CIA

In 2012 the US Ambassador to Ecuador, Adam Namm felt strongly that there was freedom of expression in the country.  In an interview with Ecuadorian paper, The Telegraph on June 23, 2012, the U.S. Ambassador in Ecuador found that there was not just freedom of expression in the small country, but “a lot of freedom […]

How We Got to Zero: General Eikenberry’s Hail Mary

How did we get from McChrystal’s request for 50,000 troops in early October to Eikenberry’s “written reservations about deploying additional troops” just days before President Obama’s planned decision?