Reistance to college privatization and the decimation of City College of San Francisco: Critically question power and occupy your mind

The following is from Bob of Occupy, a fighter, organizer and resister against the privatization of education and especially the issues surrounding the decimation of the City College of San Fransisco College (CCSF): Throughout our political  engagements these days, the most basic democratic principles of an informed and questioning electorate are being marginalized through the sometimes […]

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not Just

Part 1 of 2- U.S. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not Just: Eastern and Western Ethics of War Applied to the U.S. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan This article is the first part of a two part analysis which will discuss various aspects of the causes and conduct of the U.S. wars in Iraq […]

Blocking Supplemental War Funding bill Article I of the Constitution gives to Congress the exclusive war making power, as well as budget/funding power. However, since the end of WWII, Congress has unlawfully permitted the Office of the President to usurp this power. This resulted during the last eight years of the Bush Administration abuses. The Obama Administration, elected in […]

On the same page and a different page at the same time

I hate being right about the wrong things.  My history with Daily Censored only goes back to last October.  I have been screaming about how our foreclosure mess is ruining our economic comeback since 2007.  Finally the N Y Times is on the same page with its Editorial and its Op-Ed piece at the same […]


Perhaps it is difficult to remember what has been written from one day to the next. The stories below, however, appeared in the same Saturday edition of the N Y Times.  Am I the only one who draws a connection here? JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion By ERIC DASH 1/15/2010 JPMorgan Chase kicked off what […]

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education Representatives of the US capitalist class used to be famous for stomping all over the world, putting their feet up on other’s desks and, cigar in mouth, handing orders down to their counterparts in other countries. At home, they believed that there was no labor problem that could not […]

Angry About the Handling of H1N1? Consider This…

As a person who is over 65 and at some risk due to a health condition, I was initially angry when I was told that kids and pregnant women were given priority.  I said to my self, “Is this is the best we can do when we know something is coming?” I read a letter […]