GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE – Resisting the increasing Commercialization and Financialization of Education WHY strike together GLOBALLY? It’s the SAME SHIT EVERYWHERE!! People worldwide are struggling against: Massive staff cuts and budget cuts Privatisation and commercialisation of education De-democratisation within schools and universities Tuition fees hike Increasing pressure to perform Increasing influences of ‘private economic actors’ on teaching and research Let’s connect and unite in the struggle […]

UCLA Occupiers Fighting to Double Underrepresented Enrollment at the University of California

On Friday, June 1, 2012, several dozen students and civil rights activists participated in a BAMN-organized occupation of the UCLA admissions office to demand: Double Latina/o, black and other underrepresented minority student enrollment Admit more Latina/o, black, and other underrepresented minority students including some of the students we are submitting (on appeal). Reopen the Appeals […]

Why making Facebook private won’t protect you

Privacy advocates around the world extoll the virtues of setting your Facebook account to be as private as possible to prevent it from being seen by prying eyes. Now, however, there is a new threat looming as states, such as Maryland and Illinois, are creating bills that would force individuals to open their Facebook accounts […]

Poverty Not Destiny?: Masking Corporate Agendas

Release a report, make it appear like scholarly research (include footnotes, charts, graphs, and data), and suggest something provocative such as “teachers are overpaid”—the result? The media gives the claim and report a free and frequent ride. Walt Gardner, on his blog, has lamented about this exact phenomenon concerning The Heritage Foundation report, “Assessing the […]

Michigan School superintendent writes Governor Snyder of Michigan requesting his school be turned into a prison

With cash starved public educational facilities and districts, it would come as no surprise that public schools currently being closed or on the ‘list’ might be turned into prisons.  After all, with prison population rising and with good pay for prison guards, communities all over the US just might go for the argument that converting ‘failing schools’ […]

Reading The Writing On The Pyramids

By Obi Egbuna The entire planet is growing increasingly sick and tired of the Western World’s attempts to forcefully shove its pro-imperialist point of view concerning the recent political developments in Egypt down our throats. Since each and every outlet of the Imperialist media apparatus from C-Span to the Voice Of America, has the job […]

Does an heir of Goebbels measure Cuban failure?

The United States slogs through its worst crisis since the Great Depression, but some editorial writers in leading newspapers practice denial of their reality and focus instead on Cuba’s “failed socialist system.” I wonder if these opinion crafters who specialize in fostering illusions, berating enemies and spreading denial studies at the secret Joseph Goebbels Propaganda […]

Cuckholded: Public Pension Plans the Next Big Bust

According to new research from the Kellogg School of Management, taxpayers, public workers and state and federal officials alike have cause for serious concern about an issue that often falls under the radar but poses serious risk to the future health of the national economy: state pension liabilities ( On May 19th, 2010 data was […]