Leap into Blockadia

by Rebel Fagin It starts in isolation; in farms in Nigeria, fishing villages in Greece, First Nations’ forests in Canada, the high plains of Mongolia, neighborhoods in Richmond.  Communities with few resources other than themselves stand up and physically resist the devastation brought to them by the fossil fuels companies.  Their vast extractions coupled with […]

Urgently Needed Response to the Scourge of Terrorism

By Omar Ali, a Muslim academic resident of Walnut Creek No doubt that terrorism has been a major threat to the world for a long time. However, this new global challenge to the international community has demonstrated that it is no longer conducted on a small scale as individual criminal act. Terrorism today is a major global threat.  More than fourteen years […]

Christmas Makes Me Feel Like Singing

by Rebel Fagin Ah, the holiday season, a time when people gather in public places to shop and enjoy the warmth of humanity. What better time to educate people about the struggle in Palestine. One way to do this is by singing Christmas carols that, in the tradition of the IWW, have been modified with […]