Tackling the Twin Evils before it’s too late

By Stephanie Hiller The energy and attention that used to be applied to the creation of temples, libraries, and settings for higher learning are now devoted to the creation and maintenance of nuclear weapons. It’s a necessity, a matter of life and death. Without that, there would be accidents. Even with all that intensive maintenance, […]


How Top OSHA And DOL Officials Are Involved In A Scheme To Deny Protection To Health And Safety Whistleblowers Explosive Corruption Charges Threaten the Health and Safety of Millions of Workers And The Public And Could Implicate H.I.G. Capital/Test America In Criminal Falsification of Environmental Tests By Steve Zeltzer KPFA WorkWeek Radio San Francisco, California […]

Teaching critical thinking skills to high school students: US Government research/presentation (5.2 of 6)

The following are my teaching assignments on critical thinking for California 12th grade students in the semester-long courses, “US Government” and “Economics.” I offer them for non-profit use: Information and recommendations for your child’s success (and overall introduction to this article series) 1 of 6 Heart of social science (2 of 6) Critical thinking skills in government […]