Sony Corporation_North Korean Conspiracy?

Have you been following this story on the hacking of Sony Corporation and the North Korean insinuation? What started out as a hacking of a corporation and the theft of personal information, etc. has now morphed into a terrorist threat from North Korea even though there is yet to be a shred of evidence linking […]

Michael Brown Evidence Fabricated

I under that facts seem to matter less to people more and more as group think and media emotional manipulations have become the motivating principles of our public discourse exchanges. This morning on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, in the Grand Jury case of Michael Brown, we learned that Witness #40 clearly fabricated her testimony that verified the testimony of Darren […]


By Rebel Fagin Israel pays a great deal of attention to how they are perceived. The American corporate media assist by consistently showing Palestinians in violent resistance to Israeli oppression. They never show the non-violent resistance. One aspect of this non-violent resistance is the global Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. People worldwide are choosing […]

“We the People, Can’t Breathe”

Ferguson’s Mike Brown to Bagdad, Is democracy dying in America? By Bryan Maddan Bombs over Bagdad $$$. A Princeton study Sept. 2014, “Testing Theories on American Politics” assessed we the people of the United States are no longer a democracy.  The U.S. is now an oligarchy where the minority wielding power disregards the wishes of […]

4-minute video: 99.99% is just one shift from victory over .01% criminal psychopaths

“Generations mold history” is a 4-minute video that literally reverses submissive narrative to “live in a world of our own making.” The facts demand such reversal; the Emperor’s New Clothes moment whereby the 99.99% lawfully arrest the .01% ‘leaders’ to end “Big Lie” crimes centered in: Unlawful Wars of Aggression based on easily-provable lies (here, […]

Selling the Wars – Part II

By Rebel Fagin I wasn’t asked if I wanted to go to war. You weren’t asked if you wanted to go to war. Most critically, Congress wasn’t asked if they wanted to go to war. Yet at the urging of the State Department, America’s going to war. How was this unspoken agreement reached? Public opinion […]