What happened to Malaysian Airlines’ plane(s)?

Earlier this week, it was announced that Malaysian Airlines will lay off 6,000 employees. Apparently losing an airline over nobody knows where and having one of their airliners shot down over Ukraine has struck a note with prospective passengers. The economic news media always hones in on the numbers related to failures and successes of […]

Norman Finkelstein speaks in San Francisco, August 23

Tonight in San Francisco, Augusts 23rd, at a fundraiser for Children in the Gaza, Norman Finkelstein was the guest speaker. For those of you who may not be familiar with him, Norman Finkelstein is a professor of Political Theory, the writer of nine books dealing with the Israeli Conflict with the Palestinian People, an American […]

Is Ferguson the Test Case for the Police State?

Is Ferguson, Missouri, the test case for the enveloping police state that has been put in place by the Homeland Security and NSA apparatus of the Neo-Con 21st Century global world order? If the Military-Police Apparatus can put down and control the civil liberties of the residents of Ferguson and the President-Constitutional Law Professor, Barak […]

The Children and Women of Gaza

Why is it that we have become so inurred to wars, to bloodshed and slaughter, that our emotions are suddenly awakened by a single scene or an act that is so beyond acceptable, and we are tossed out of our mental paralysis and into a rage where once we just accepted “reality” passing before us, […]

Ferguson, USA_Cowboys & Indians_Robocops & Soldiers

Many young boys growing up in the first half of the twentieth century watched movies and then television series of Westerns where the forces of Good and Evil were clearly defined. The Good Guys literally wore the white hats. There was no room for ambivalence or nuance. Our national character was in the early stages […]