While American Was Entertaining Itself

This past week we learned why Barak Obama chose John Kerry as his Secretary of State. Before the entire world at a press conference in Belgium, the representative of American foreign policy, President Barak Obama, stated with a straight face that he was against the Iraq War before he was for it. He then went […]

Gay Rights Movement and Economic Self-Interest Cause Arizona Veto

S.B. 1062, a bill that would have empowered businesses to discriminate against the LGBT population, was recently vetoed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Brewer’s veto helps illustrate most Americans’ realization that opposition to gay equality is unequivocally bigoted.  The debate about S.B. 1062 also demonstrates that Republicans are beginning to abandon anti-gay rhetoric.  While events […]

Compromise in the Face of Privatization

This is a letter to the faculty and students of City College of San Francisco who are counseling compromise on a resolution that is being brought before the supervisors of San Francisco.  It is a non-binding resolution and instead of asking for the “immediate” firing of the Special Trustee who dissolved the elected Board of […]