As 2014 comes, what do we know about 99%’s victory endgame? Outside of Faith, not much

Nobody I’m familiar with knows when, or if, victory for the 99% will come.  To provide context: I was friends with Bucky Fuller for the last three years of his life, worked with both parties’ “leaderships” over 18 years lobbying to end poverty, and currently work with many leaders in different fields. All of my […]

Q: Have a better response than arrests to 1%’s War Crimes, bank looting, constant lies???

Do you have a better citizen response than demand for arrests of OBVIOUS crimes of US “leadership” centering in war and money? Now’s the time to voice it, if you care to participate in upgrading a human condition of endless wars, debt, and lies. Russell Brand interviews and writes for “revolution” in response to a corruptly coordinated political system where […]

Real justice, love, technology only possible after 1% OBVIOUS criminals arrested

preface: Q: Hey, Herman, when will you shut-up about arrests of criminals? A: When arrests or surrender of 1% OBVIOUS criminals centering in war and money have been accomplished. Americans cannot imagine real justice because they are dominated by 1% “leaders” in government, banking/finance, and media who: Blatantly violate war law, war-murdering more than WW2 Nazis (~30 million […]

The latest news from the for-profit criminal college sector

The following is a compilation of the recent spate of news on the for-profit college front.  The scurrilous organizations continue their parasitic activity unabated.  However the built in contradictions of their business plan to deliver little if any education while maximizing profits are coming home to roost. More and more of the public are waking […]

The Occupation of Palestine and the Sonoma County Transit System

By guest writer Susan Rahman Hard to imagine what the two might have in common but in this transnational global economy local business is an oxymoron. “Go Local” Sonoma county uses a French multinational corporation, Veolia to operate it’s bus system. This same corporation operates segregated buses in the West Bank delivering settlers from one […]

Stages for justice: 1) Truth. 2) Non-compliance. 3) 1%’s arrests

StormCloudsGathering’s 16-minute video, Revolution: An Instruction Manual, explains three historical steps to revolve/revolution (literally from the Latin, revolutio, to turn-around) from an unlawful rogue government; a failed state: Citizen leaders create their own media to communicate facts until the 1%’s propaganda is recognized for what it is. Remove compliance from lying criminal government. Arrest the […]

How to stop the billionaire bandits holding the US hostage

  It is clear that the so called “business and financial elites” have a stranglehold on our economy, government and political system, if not our minds.  The current shutdown of the government can be traced back to lobbying groups such as the US Chamber of Commerce and the billionaires who fund the Tea Party through […]

And it’s gone! The Fed and US could simply CANCEL all $5 trillion of intragovernmental debt

As we documented here, Congressman Alan Grayson is correct that the Fed could cancel its own US national debt holdings of ~$2 trillion. This could begin public justice from how our current system transfers public assets into 1% private profits: currently conservatively estimated at $30 trillion held in tax-free offshore accounts, and satirized in South Park’s Emmy Award-winning […]

Arrest 1% criminals or have stupefying 1% media lies, and never real solutions

“Corporate media” are six corporations that “cover” OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money by a 1% US oligarchy. They lie by commission and omission (full explanation and documentation here, here, here), with propaganda techniques obvious upon inspection. These crimes are only possible through lies and propaganda. The 99% reject such psychopathic viciousness when educated, […]

Arrest 1% criminals or have economic serfdom with unpayable and increasing debt

1% US “leaders” in economic management from government and finance/banking cause trillions in damages to our families every year in OBVIOUS lies: They tell us debt is “money” in Orwellian psychopathic viciousness. Adding more debt, as these mechanics can only do, will only and always increase the debt. This “monetary system” also guarantees total debt […]