426 dead Syrian children? US 1% heartlessly poverty-kill 1 million children/month in gruesomely slow agony

Best current evidence shows that 426 dead Syrian children were murdered by the criminal US 1% and minions as a false flag attack to cause war on Syria. False flags are an aggressor nation committing a horrendous act, blaming the targeted nation, and then lying to the public for war support. The evidence for this […]

Pulitzer journalist: 1% Corporate media ‘pathetic, obsequious, LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING’

We all learned in high school social science that oligarchies control populations with three key areas: Government in order to manage laws and enforcement. Creating what is used for money for their own riches and to pay minions. Media propaganda to “cover” these crimes. Anyone paying attention now at the end of 2013 can explain, […]

FCC Public Hearing/ Tampa: MARK A. ADAMS tells the FCC…

Mark A. Adams (former writer for Dailycensored.com), an attorney representing hero whistle-blower Clint Curtis as well as two other plaintiffs contesting their 2006 Congressional elections in Florida, delivers a powerful testimony to the Federal Communications Commission in Tampa regarding the complete lack of media coverage of so many failures of our Florida voting systems… Mr. […]

Concentration Camps in America

  First he tried to have inmates pay for their own meals (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/04/sheriff-joe-arpaio-inmates-meals_n_2806388.html).  That was back in March of this year. In Arizona, Maricopa County inmates get two meals a day.  Now the jails will dish up only vegetarian meals for the prisoners in Maricopa County, Arizona where Sherriff Joe Arpaio runs a theatre of […]

Today in for-profit ‘college’ news

The Apollo Group (partially owned by the Carlyle Group) is really ramping up its advertising, spending $665 million this year (as it closes more than 100 physical sites) (http://chronicle.com/blogs/bottomline/u-of-phoenix-reboots-advertising-and-rebrands-in-the-process/).   The Apollo Group owns The University of Phoenix which receives eighty nine percent if not more, of its revenue from you, the taxpayer who will […]

Reistance to college privatization and the decimation of City College of San Francisco: Critically question power and occupy your mind

The following is from Bob of Occupy, a fighter, organizer and resister against the privatization of education and especially the issues surrounding the decimation of the City College of San Fransisco College (CCSF): Throughout our political  engagements these days, the most basic democratic principles of an informed and questioning electorate are being marginalized through the sometimes […]

4-minute video: ‘How dare any American criticize legitimate resistance to illegal US wars!’

4-minute video: Dahlia Wasfi epic speech Physician Dahlia Wasfi’s powerful speech featured in TheParadigmShift 2009 video. Our only apparent solution: the 99% demanding arrests of obvious US War Criminals (video has images of US war-murders): “We have an obligation to every last victim of this illegal aggression because all of this carnage has been done in our name. Since World War […]

From By Any Means Necessary (BAMN): Join Me in Sponsoring a Student to March on the U.S. Supreme Court to Restore Affirmative Action on October 15, 2013

  I believe that everyone in the U.S. should have equal access to a quality education. So I am sponsoring a student to participate in the march on October 15, when the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the landmark case, Schuette v Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action (BAMN). Please help send young […]

What Happened to John Kerry?

As he has demonstrated by his bellicose rhetoric on Syria, John Kerry has made complete his 180-degree transition from an anti-war Vietnam veteran who in 1971 threw his navy medals back onto the White House lawn and who testified to Congress on the immorality of war, to a belligerent warrior without a cause. Tracing the […]

99%’s slogan ending 1%’s Wars of Aggression, bankster looting, media lying: ‘Arrest the criminals!’

The brighter future we are all here to realize has a next OBVIOUS step: the 99%’s recognition of basic civic facts that anyone can verify: US Wars of Aggression are not even close to the legal limitation of self-defense from a nation’s government’s attack upon the US. These are OBVIOUS unlawful Wars of Aggression that […]