Student loan debt, ‘financial forgiveness’ and the perils of ‘moral hazard’

Can you imagine a country where education is not a human right but a commodity to be bought and sold using debt?  Yes, well America is one such country; there are many, many others ( With for profit prisons, for profit medical care and for profit, well, for-profit everything when it comes to declaring independence […]

The 50th Anniversary of the "I have a dream speech": many are afraid to walk into the cauldron of controversy and engage on the issues these days

From Occupy Bob/San Franciso Food for thought: We’ve all seen the recent series of photos of Syrians, mostly children, lying dead or dying, limbs contorting from the neurological effects of nerve gas. Alongside these videos we hear that the US has determined that the Assad government is responsible. Cut. End of story. Superman to the […]

Chilean students force for-profit colleges and universities into the coffin

Educationworldonline reported on October 9, 2012 that in Chile, the only university owned by the global arm of US for-profit education giant, the Apollo Group has had its accreditation withdrawn ( On July 18, 2012 following an unsuccessful appeal, Chile’s National Education Council confirmed a decision of the National Accreditation Commission to stop accrediting the […]

Obama’s perfidity and for-profit colleges: the shame of it all

August 23, 2013 President Obama once again showed his perfidiousness when it comes to the issue of for-profit schools and higher education.  In response to a question at an event where Obama was appearing Friday night at Binghamton University in New York state, Obama said these criminal enterprises were “making out like a bandit” preying […]


The following is by Rozy Press, who once an Los Angeles Unified School teacher,  has now had the shocking experience of having to fight both the corrupt LAUSD system as well as the State California Worker’s Compensation Fund. You can read Rozy’s testimonial below. Introduction Judge Jerold Cohn and Dr. John Stalberg Made up a […]

A Drunken Psychopath At the Wheel: Fukushima Revisited

by John Reimann Like a psychopathic drunk driver careening down a busy street, capitalism on its last legs is creating untold disaster in its wake. One of the most serious is the ongoing example of Fukushima. The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the resultant tsunami are events largely forgotten or otherwise ignored by the corporate […]

What We Know Now and An Alternative to Accountability-Based Education Reform

Randy Olson’s Flock of Dodos (2006) explores the evolution and Intelligent Design (ID) debate that represents the newest attack on teaching evolution in U.S. public schools. The documentary is engaging, enlightening, and nearly too fair considering Olson admits upfront that he stands with scientists who support evolution as credible science and reject ID as something outside the […]

Post-Liberal, Post-Libertarian Thinking

In these postmodern days, in which everything that has helped to define us, including our past, is thrown under the bus of cynicism, we would do well to recall the adage that those who chop away at their tradition like planks on a wooden boat, soon find themselves drowning because their boat is gone. Perhaps […]

Statement from Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund to the SHU Isolation Unit Installation on the Capitol Steps in Sacramento

By Mike Holman,   In solidarity with the SHU Isolation Unit Installation, Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund is sharing this letter from a California prisoner, written 3 weeks ago, about the reality of solitary confinement. As you hear this, think about what CDC’s Jeffrey Beard claims about solitary confinement.   “They call me the criminal, but […]