From: World Affairs Brief April 26, 2013 Due to the mass of amateur photos and videos being used in the moments before, during and after the Boston bombing, there has been more private evidence surrounding this supposed “terrorist” event than almost any previous high-profile catastrophe. Although spectators, runners and other outsiders were quickly pushed away […]

Boston Bombers: All in the CIA Family

  According to Daniel Hopsicker in MadCow Morning News, it turns out Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the two alleged Boston bombers, was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller. Uncle Ruslan, in turn, had a decade-long business relationship with Halliburton, the oil company/defense contractor formerly run by Dick Cheney that […]

Ralph Nadar on Boston, Texas and Corporate Criminal Justice

Boston, Texas and Corporate Criminal Justice By Ralph Nader, from “The Boston Marathon bombings killed three and injured more than 180. The West, Texas industrial explosion killed at least 14 and injured more than 180. Guess which one drew the greater media and law enforcement response? If it turns out that the West, Texas […]

The Standardization of Subjectivity: Common Core Death

While life is characterized by growth in a structured, functional manner, the necrophilious person loves all that does not grow, all that is mechanical. The necrophilious person is driven by the desire to transform the organic into the inorganic, to approach life mechanically, as if all living persons were things… Memory, rather than experience; having, […]

Cuba policy: Fruitless, Stupid, Mean and Cruel

By Saul Landau and Nelson P Valdés In their 54-year-old effort to bring down Cuba’s revolutionary government and restore obedience in our Caribbean neighbor, U.S. officials have compiled a spectacular record of failure, overshadowed only by the determination to persist in their pursuit of wrongheaded polices, further damaging U.S. interests. In the 1990s, Washington began […]

Resist Corporate Domination: Eat More Kale; Refuse Corporate Curriculum

Years ago, Chick-fil-A used some of its $4.5 billion to claim a Vermont artist’s T-shirt phrase infringes on its trademarked “eat mor chikin.” The corporation told Associated Press, the Vermont T-shirt “is likely to cause confusion of the public and dilutes the distinctiveness of Chick-fil-A’s intellectual property and diminishes its value.” Got that? Chick-fil-A’s intellectual […]

How the US Tried to Steal the Venezuelan Election

  BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast published a fascinating article in Vice Magazine this week (Nicolas Maduro Did Not Steal the Venezuelan Election) about being hired by Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro in 2004 to investigate the possibility the US might tamper with Venezuela’s elections (following Palast’s 2001 expose detailing how Florida governor Jeb Bush […]

Reagan’s Ex-Budget Director Slams Crony Capitalism

An attack on “crony capitalism” David Stockman, Reagan’s former budget director, published in the the March 31st New York Times has come in for major attack from both the right and left. Given the piece provides a fairly accurate analysis of America’s current economic woes, I find this quite sad. Stockman also attacks  crony capitalism […]

CISPA and its connections to money

When CISPA reared its ugly head last year, it was soundly defeated. This year, not only is is back, it’s taking more swipes at individual privacy, passing in the House 288-127, with more representatives in favor of the bill and more supporters than last year. As the fight now shifts to the Senate, there are […]