Indiana Wants Me, Lord I can’t go back there!

Friday, March 29, 2013 From Advance Indiana Indianapolis Islamic School Accused Of Cheating On ISTEP Exam  The Indiana Supreme Court this past week held that Indiana’s Choice Scholarship program did not violate the Indiana Constitution’s prohibition on the drawing of funds from the state’s treasury for religious purposes. Under the school voucher program, parents are permitted […]

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) fights back against the corporate raiders and enemies of education

Recently, students, faculty and community supporters rallied to save the City College of San Francisco (CCSF), once known as a “junior college” or “community college” (  However, the names ‘junior college and community college” no longer find resonance in the snaky plans of the privatizers who are threatening the CCSF with corporatization and extinction. The […]

Video: How 1% asset-holes offshore tax havens hide $21 – $32 trillion

The Tax Free Tour   McKinsey Chief Economist James Henry leads explanation in this brilliant 53-minute video tour of how the 1% hide $21 to $32 trillion in tax havens. The US top seven banks hide over $10 trillion, many top US corporations claim income losses, while the bottom 90%’s tax burden increases – in part to pay […]

Easter 2013: Love, Life on Earth reborn ONLY if 1% criminals arrested

Brett Dennen – Ain’t no reason Love is the choice for sustainable Life; a cooperative competition of evolution. Love is not the choice of the criminals among the1% in US “leadership.” Their choice is psychopathic testimony professing Christianity, Constitutional Rights, and love of life as they: kill millions in unlawful wars, all began with lies […]

Land For Those Who Work It

by Esther Vivas Esther Vivas is an activist in a variety of social movements in Barcelona and maintains a blog at where this article first appeared. The land is a source of wealth for a few, here and on the other side of the planet. In the Spanish State, the housing boom has left […]

Biggest legal challenge in history to Colorado’s state’s system of funding public schools is finally being played out before Colorado Supreme Court justices

The Denver Post has reported that after eight years after it was first filed, the biggest legal challenge in history to the state’s system of funding public schools is finally being played out before Colorado Supreme Court justices.  Hearings in the case began on March 3, 2013 ( The mammoth court case, Lobato vs. State […]

Helpful artistic/musical analogy: ‘Shine your way’ ends ‘survival fears’

  The Croods: Shine your way Sometimes art communicates reality more powerfully than factual accounts. The Croods is an animated movie with principal writer John Cleese telling a story helpful to embrace our real-world: A family living in fear; overwhelmed by pressures for survival. One family member who yearns for a brighter future follows a type of […]

You’re Next: Don’t Let Them Do a Cyprus on New Zealand

Please sign petition at Readers may be aware of an effort by the New Zealand’s government to re-jig the Reserve Bank’s Open Banking Resolution to permit failing banks to confiscate a portion of their customer’s accounts to repay bank debt – as the government of Cyprus has just done. Unlike Cyprus, New Zealand isn’t […]

To get the gold they will have to kill everyone of us! Ecuador gives gold and copper concession to China

As readers might know, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador was once the darling of the environmental movement around the world.   Correa adopted what was said to be a groundbreaking new constitution that recognized “the rights of nature” ( The 2008 constitution even used the words “Pacha Mama” — the indigenous Quechua language’s term for the “Earth […]

Obama ‘change’: 1% get 81% income gains then tax-shelter $21-$32 trillion; bottom 90% lose income

Pulitzer Prize-winning tax journalist David Kay Johnston reports IRS tax data since Mr. Obama’s 2009 inauguration shows “change” for 90% of Americans: they lost income. The 1% increased income; taking 81% of gains (the top 1% of the 1% took 39% of this total). This follows a pattern that between 1980 and 2005, the 1% also took […]