Cornell University to offer the “hypodermic needle theory” of education in an attempt to colonize consciousness and groom future elites

Understanding history: The Powell Memo and the Growth of the Reactionary Right  In order to understand how America’s ruling elites are bivouacking at elite universities with the aim of taking them over and assuring ideology replaces education, it is necessary to understand the historical development of the current colonization of consciousness. As I wrote at […]

Education Standards and Totalitarian Conformity

This is the seventh of a series of guest posts by Dr Danny Weil from an article (World Class Standards: Whose World, Which Economic Classes and What Standards?) he originally published in Daily Censored. In this seventh section, Dr Weil argues that federal imposition of educational standards essentially programs children to be obedient subjects of a totalitarian society. […]

Beyond Sequester

Thinking Outside the Box Beyond Sequester In Spanish, the word “sequester” (sequestrar) means “to kidnap”. Do they know something we don’t? The March 1 Sequester is the plan of the 1%, aided and abetted by both Democrats and Republicans, to kidnap, hold for ransom and cut federal programs for people. Economist Michael Hudson points out […]

The Criminals Who Run the Afghan Police

The Obama administration seems baffled by growing popular support for the Taliban in Afghanistan. While they grudgingly acknowledge anger over the continued bombing of innocent civilians by NATO drones and war planes, they are less forthcoming about the real reason – the criminals who run the Afghan police. This was the subject of a recent […]

Pension theft: Marie Benedetto, a retired San Francisco math teacher, says CalPERS is increasing teachers’ insurance premium for long-term health care a whopping 85 percent

Long-term care rate hike stuns CALPERS teacher and public worker retirees and they should be stunned.  For the forces of reaction are not just cannibalizing our kids, but they are helping themselves to a hefty plate of senior pensions in their Donner Party dinner that includes all public pensions.  All over the nation, since 2010, as I […]

See the Drones? Forget the Drones!

By Dennis Loo (2/25/13) Former Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who now works as an MSNBC reporter, revealed yesterday (Sunday, February 24, 2013) on MSNBC that while being prepared in 2008 to assume the Press Secretary job for the incoming Obama Administration, he was specifically told to deny the drone program’s existence: “When […]

Is There Really Such Thing As Sustainable Tourism?

For the last 3 years of my life I have been working to create real sustainable tourism around the world. Whether it be in the Peace Corps in Panama working with indigenous cacao farmers for 2 years helping to create a low impact agro-based eco-tour, or the latest project I’m involved in, Keteka, which helps to find small […]

Guess Who Funds the Climate Denial Industry?

According to the Guardian, a newly released Greenpeace study reveals it’s not just Exxon and the Koch brothers who fund the climate denial industry. In a recent article, they describe how a secretive charity known as Donors Trust enabled anonymous billionaires to donate nearly $120m to more than 100 groups campaigning to cast doubt on […]

Are we Deserving of a Democracy?

It is often said that we get the government we deserve. So given the fact that the Obama administration has by now clearly demonstrated that they do not do the bidding of the people, but the elites, and given the fact that even with this fact he still has an undeserved large number of supporters, […]