School budget cuts: 100% funding if CAFR billions, trillions disclosed

Our high school principal asked our staff what suggestions we have to address our school and district’s budget cuts. You are welcome to adapt and share my response: SRVHS budget/$ concerns versus California’s off-budget surplus billions, trillions Dear Ruth and Social Science colleagues, At our staff meeting, Ruth spoke of our parents contributing ~$1 million […]

Capitalist MOOC Revolution Hits the Universities “There is a new world unfolding,” said Reif, “and everyone will have to adapt.”

The capitalist class is now making the money they have dreamed of off the destruction of education.  Massive Open Online Classes MOOCS) have now arrived and the capitalist class, represented below by sophist Thomas Friedman, explains how working people must adapt to the dummying down of technological learning.  Another world is possible and the capitalists […]

Transactional thinking and transformational leadership: Africa

by:Turwanire Kimathi-Tecumseh Mandla and Professor Paul J. Cook “In transactional leadership, rewards and punishments are contingent upon the performance of the followers. The leader views the relationship between managers and subordinates as an exchange – you give me something for something in return. When subordinates perform well, they receive some type of reward. When they […]

CA State Whistleblower’s Lawsuit Exposes Web of Corruption and Deceit At The Commission On Teacher Credentialing (CTC

January 29, 2013 By Steve Zeltzer Producer at KFPA with WorkWeek radio and labor documentary producer. with Kathleen Carroll   Kathleen Carroll, a former government lawyer turned whistleblower at the California Commission On Teacher Credentialing CTC has filed a potentially explosive suit against CTC officials and the state government that charges that the Commission […]

US Trained Mali Rebels Who Overthrew Government

General Carter Ham, the AFRICOM commander for the Pentagon, admitted last week that the US had helped trained the Mali rebels, including Captain Amadou Sanogo, who led the military coup which overthrew Mali’s constitutionally-elected government. In describing the statement Ham made at the Ralph Bunche center, Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff is highly critical of […]

The Role of Ideology in Inspiring Change

The space between the TV screen and the child is nothing less than sacred ground – Mr Rogers   Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New World View Joseph Obeyon 2012  Film Review Crossroads is an exciting and surprisingly uplifting new documentary about the role of ideology in finding solutions to the urgent global crises […]

Gates-Financed Common Core Standards Turn Kindergarten into Global Economy Zone

The  Council of Great City Schools (CGCS) promotes a video From the Page to the Classroom: Implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts and Literacy that purports to supply the background for the Common Core State (sic) Standards.  There’s no mention that The Council of Great City Schools has, so far, […]

Was Stevens Running Guns in Benghazi?

Retired General William G Boykin believes when he was assassinated in Benghazi, former ambassador Chris Stevens was working for the CIA running guns (or preparing to run them), via Turkey, to the  Syrian rebels. He explains his reasoning in an interview with Boykin is the former commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command and […]

Abundance and Apocalypse

Abundance And Apocalypse   Somewhere in the ‘90s, world production crossed the historic line into Economic Abundance. Humans now produce, through the global economy, so much wealth every year that it is no longer necessary for anyone to be impoverished. The UN has long held that the world produces enough food to end hunger forever; […]

Passive Radicals: The Manufactured Myth

With the annual and somewhat functional recognition of certain versions of the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. behind us in 2013, let me ask this: What do Jesus, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and King have in common? I admit the answers could be many: Significant historical voices and lives, shared messages of peace […]